Ring a Ring a Roses

Eerie happenings?
Spooky shadows?
Haunted house?
Dark GHOST!!!


2. Sold

The house was abandoned from that day and the girls families either died with the plague or travelled in sorrow until they either committing suicide or dying in sadness at old age. It was abandoned till someone inherited it. In this case a man called Mr Bishop White Miar inherited it in distraught. He was a middle aged gentleman with a long white beard and very little hair. He also travelled and would have been a great great great great grandson to Emily's father. He immediately put the house up for sale in the market for one million, five hundred pounds, to earn money so he could buy a less ghostly house. Years after someone looked interested to buy the house.

"Welcome Mr and Mrs Bushwell. Hello Skye, Gail and Deedee, welcome back. Long ago there were three young girls just like you, but you won't go to the attic will you!"

"What's wrong with the attic Mr Estate Agent, you only let mum and dad go there on the guided tour and made us stand at the end of the corridor with our taxi driver. That's where we are going to have a smaller library. Most of dad’s books are going to fill the walls and book shelves in the big library. We will be able to squeeze some in but for Gail's and Deedee's baby picture books and my teen books there will be hardly any room. Dolls is a different matter, they will be stored up there too. It's obviously their dolls, I don't play Barbie's but I do have lots of nice china dolls. I only play with my sisters and their Barbie's not by myself or with my dolls, my dolls are too delicate."

"Yeah, hmm, according to Bishop White the girls enjoyed playing with dolls too. Two girls moved there while the plague was about..."

"Which it is now not, by the way!" interrupted Mr George Bushwell.

"Your father needs his books for his work, you know that sweetie." Said Mrs Jacqueline Bushwell.

"Anyway why not go to the attic because you know I will if you don't tell me?"

"It seems...Awfully high off the ground. Erm? We don't want anyone opening the window.....erm, and erm....Dropping anything? Erm... yes, where was I? Oh yes, the house was originally at one million, five hundred pounds but cut short to nine hundred thousand for the lot, Mr Bushwell."

"That's really cheap George, the girls will love it and I think we should make an offer."

"Yes, I will see the paperwork and we would like to make an offer. Thank you for guiding us round the other day and meeting us this afternoon."

"It's a pleasure. I think Mr Bishop White Miar would jump at that chance to sell to you lovely people. He is an elderly man with a family to support. Sign here, here and here. Fill the information next to the crosses I made and we will be in touch. Thank You Mr and Mrs Bushwell. Bye-bye Skye, Gail and Deedee.


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