Ring a Ring a Roses

Eerie happenings?
Spooky shadows?
Haunted house?
Dark GHOST!!!


1. Plague

“I’m so delighted to have you to my house while the plague is in town. Mother says that we can't open the windows because the plague will get in. It's like fairies coming in sprinkling fairy dust, except they are bad fairies sprinkling poison."

"Ah" chorused a group of three girls.

"Well my mother says we stay up here to dinner and then we have our dinner, we all come back up and get washed, brush our hair and get ready into our beds. She says you let her and father sleep in your room. I'm expecting a four poster bed then, or is that a rumour and it is a dusty wood bed in a corner of your dusty old basement? That's why you wanted to leave so eagerly to sleep in the attic with us!"

"No No, it is a four poster bed, I'm not a peasant you know. Anyway shall we play dolls, my mother has given me her best china doll to use but we have to be careful with her and brush her long flowing hazel hair carefully."

"I don't care about your mother’s stupid doll! Where is your mother and father sleeping then Isabelle, since mine are sleeping in Emily's room? Are they sleeping in the dusty old basement on an old dusty wooden bed?"

"My basement is not dusty at all, actually it is cleaned by the servants, Dolls or not?"

"Actually my parents are sleeping in the Grand Suit. It is five times Emily's room, has two four poster oak beds with silk and velvet curtains, servants and the butler coming to them anytime and where ever they want and it looks over the splendid garden which theirs don't. Now I am going to play with Emily, Rosabelle."

"Fine, I will play only if we can do Ring a Ring a Roses with them, otherwise count me out ladies."

"Is that fine with you Emily?"

"As long as she is not snooty about everything or I will be off to tell father. Rosabelle, you know your father will hear about this and come to whip you if you misbehave, even if you are his little princess."

"There is not going to be any whipping today, I am not looking at a cane in my life. Let's play with dolls then, shall we?"

"Ring a Ring a Roses, A pocket full of posies, A tishoo!, A tishoo!, we all fall down!" sang the three girls together. There was a chill in the air. A cold shiver went down each girls spines. "Maid is that you?" Emily cried, so did the other girls. Cold, tight forces through the air turned the three little girls’ heads around. They turned to face the corner where a small lady like figure was standing up right, floating above the floor.

"Ring a Ring a Roses."

"A pocket full of posies."

"A tishoo, A tishoo."

"We all fall down."

Four little heads where smashed. One of which cracked with china pot flying everywhere. The others blood dripping onto the paving. The window wide open and a small lady like figure wearing a black dress and her face so pale standing, hovering inside.

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