Song Lyrics

These are just some lyrics to songs. I will have some of my original songs and some songs by famous artists on here so leave a comment to let me know what song lyrics you want.


15. my scars

 (A/N: Hey!! This isn't a song but my boyfriend dumped me today for another girl and my "best friend" has been giving me shit for 2 weeks so yeah... and im not finished)


I run to my room 

 Lock the door

 They wonder why

 I don't talk 

 Anymore (anymore)


 I roll up my sleeves

 Take my blade 

 Start to cry

 About the day


 I thought he cared

 I thought she was done

 But now I'm aware

 I have to run


 No one understands

 I'm alone

 It's just me

 Flesh and bone


 I see my life

 Trickle down my arm

 How does this 

 Keep me alive 

 And make me alarm


 I hate that feeling 

 Of emptiness 

 In my loving heart

 Like someone just 

 Ran it over 

 And then tore it apart

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