Twisted Fate

When Sophie is trying to make her name known at school she hooks up with a boy who would change her life forever.


2. The Party

      Beth and I just arrived at the party and already there's about 100 people here. There's red cups everywhere people doing keg stands hot boys hitting on girls. But B and I were making sure we were leaving this party popular. 

"S here I made you a drink"

"Thanks B"

I grabbed the cup and took a gulp--it was really strong and let's just say I'm kinda a lightweight. 

"S let's go talk to some hot boys"

"Alright B how about that group over there they look like the jocks"

We make our way over to the group of guys which I'm not even sure go to our school and instantly they are begging for us to get in their pants. 

"B whatever you do don't sleep with them their pigs"

"Lighten up S I'm just having some fun you should try it"

Oh B she is so much more riskier than me as she sits there batting her eyes at some guy- a very hot guy.

"Hey sexy" -I here someone calling in my direction.

Gosh I haven't had enough to drink for this I think to myself it must be my outfit because noone has ever and I mean EVER called me sexy before. 

I turn around to see who it was and it was the UGLIEST  boy at the party--just my luck. I decided that if B can take risk then so can I , I headed to the kitchen where a group of girls were taking shots and asked to join. 

"Hey I'm sober and just got called sexy by what I believe was the ugliest kid at this party mind if I join you and take some shots?"

"OMG yes that is totally a shot worth" --said one of the girls

I quickly grabbed a shot and drank it. Before I knew it I was 5 shots deep and more than a little tipsy in fact I was seeing 3 by the time I had finally found B. 

"BBBBBB" I yelled out trying to sound as sober as possible. 

"S omg have you been drinking ? My Sophie the one who can't even finish half a beer has been drinking! I'm so proud" 

"B let this summer begin!!!!"

Beth grabbed my hand and took me to the group of guys she was talking to and whispered something to one of them. I couldn't make out what she said I could barely stand up straight for that matter. Before I knew it B was taking me followed by the 3 boys she was talking to trying to get me to smoke in a bedroom. 

"S come on take a hit I did its fine"

"But B you know I don't-"
She pulled me aside before I could finish my sentence . 

"S I love you I do , but if you want to become popular you have to loosen up. You're already drunk a couple hits won't hurt you"

"Idk.. I guess but only because we will be popular next year!!"

Not sure I was making the right choice I stumbled my way back to the boys who were waiting for us to smoke with them. I grabbed the weed and took a hit. It burned going down my throat. By the third hit my head was spinning out of control and I was about to go wild for the night. I walked back out to the living room with B as we both let loose an started dancing. 

"Hey B I have to use the bathroom don't leave the party without me!" 

I yelled to Beth over the blaring music.

Trying to keep my balance an my eyes on my feet as I made way to the bathroom I had felt a smack across my body as I was knocked off balanced and now onto the floor. I was so embarrassed I didn't even want to look up to see who I ran into so I sat with my head down for a moment. 

When I finally looked up I couldn't believe my eyes . I had just bumped into the sexiest guy I think I have ever seen in my life -which I had just made myself look a fool in front of- . 

He had the most perfect hazel Carmel brown eyes and this perfectly styled hair and omg his smile was to die for.

He held his hand to help me up and when I finally got back on my feet he asked if I wanted to go somewhere to talk alone.

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