Twisted Fate

When Sophie is trying to make her name known at school she hooks up with a boy who would change her life forever.


3. Alone

         I reached for his hand and couldn't help but to smile. I took up his offer and we walked up stairs to an empty bedroom.   "So what's a girl like you doing at a party like this alone?"   "Oh I'm not alone I'm with my friend B"  I replied.   By the sound of him slurring his words I could tell that he had a little much to drink too.   "Is it hot in here?" He asked while taking his shirt off--holy shit he is sexy his perfectly sculptured abs omg my teenage hormones are raging. He started to walk towards me I was in a trance by him practically ripping my clothes off.   "You're so sexy you know that" he whispered in my ear.   My insides clinched together as I tried to gasp a breath of air. Then I felt him as he walked up behind me a wrapped his arms around my waist slowly sliding his soft hands down my leg sending shivers throughout my body making me weak at the knees. He whispered in my ear once again saying "I want you so bad" and that was my breaking point I turned around and intertwined my fingers in his hair and pressed my lips against his. He broke the seal of my lips intruding his tongue in my mouth to dance with mine. Before I knew it he pushed me against the bed and slipped his hand up my dress. I started to unbutton his jeans when a rude awakening happened.   "SERENA COPS ARE HERE"   Oh shit I jumped up embarrassed of my drunken hookup. I should be panicking worrying that I got caught my mom would ground me for life but all I could think of was how my hormones were raging and I needed his touch on my skin because let's face it --drink S is horny S.   But before I could even blink B grabbed my arm and we ran for the car leaving the party an the drunken hookup hottie behind.   Beth and I had escaped the party without the cops catching us and I made it home on time to make it look like I've been home babysitting. Beth is crashing over and by the look on her face I can tell I had some explaining to do.   "S wtf you told me you were going to the bathroom -not about to give your goodies to some stranger!!"   "I know but did you see him he was so hot"   "S get real he was a drunk mess he probably doesn't even remember his own name."   And in that moment I realized that I didn't even get his name it didn't even cross my mind to ask him.   "Yeah well I'm sure he will remember me B"   "Keep telling yourself that S he looked like he had chugged 4 beers and taking about 7 shots I doubt he will remember anything about tonight"....."infact S I bet tomorrow he won't even remember how he got home"   I knew she was right because I probably wouldn't even remember anything either.   Just something about him that made me knees weak were soon forgotten when I drifted to sleep leaving the memories of this night fade.

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