Jynix is a 22 year old girl who goes to university.
When a new boy joins the school she falls in love with him and thinks that he can change what happens in her life
but when her life takes a turn for the worst who knows if she can survive


2. Gravel Roads

Jadis POV:

I walked home after a long tiring day of school, I walked past the fifty zone and into the one hundred zone I walked along the dusty gravel road looking up ahead I saw Jynix walking, I thought I wouldn’t approach her            

because she was with her brothers Silver and Angus, and my sister Selene.

Henry road past on his bike, he swerved to one side and stopped in front of me stopping me in my tracks.

 “What you doing walking all by yourself where's your sister?” Henry asked I didn’t say anything I just pointed to where Selene was I felt bad for doing that because of what Henry did,

Henry started laughing and got back on his bike and cycled up to where Jynix and the others were,

Angus, Silver and Selene jumped sideways as they dodged the Mountain Bikes wheels, But Jynix stood well away from the bike the closer Henry came the further back she stood from the rest of the group.


Jynix’s POV:

I could see Jadis in the the distance, he looked worried, I smiled to him, but I wasn’t looking where I was going and I tripped over a rock and fell backwards Henry stopped just above me Silver pulled henry backwards before he could do anything Selene grabbed Angus’s shirt collar to stop him from punching Henry in the face Selene then stood in front of him and calmed him down before letting go of his collar Silver was still standing in front of Henry

 “LEAVE MY SISTER ALONE” yelled Silver Henry was afraid of Silver

 “Your sister” said Henry slowly backing away “I didn’t know sorry” and with that Henry got back on his bike and cycled off Jadis came running over

“Are you alright” He asked sounding worried

“yeah fine” I said “Just fine” I got up off the gravel and walked off with the others...    


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