Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


14. Morning 13

Kaya and Harry were up extra early to get the eggs in and check the garden plots. 

"Do you think we'll actually be able to get anything today?" Harry sighed as they went through the garden. 

"I'm sure they'll be a little lenient, we only had one week," Kaya said looking at the tomatoes. 

"So what all do we have?" Harry asked looking at the basket Kaya was carrying.

"Well, there is a dozen eggs left in the house. We have two cucumbers, a tomato, and three squash. But next week we'll have loads of stuff."

"Alright," Harry sighed as he took the basket from Kaya. He wrapped his arm around her and they began the long walk back up to the house. 

They didn't know when this person would be coming for their trade but they imagined the rest of the house should be awake. The walk was becoming easier since they did it over four times a day sometimes. The walk down was never a challenge but the walk up seemed to be the hardest part. The incline made their legs burn as they built more and more muscle.

"Who's that?" Kaya said once they were at the top of the incline on the flat pathway back to the house. 

"Kaya! Harry!" Jake called. "The guy is here to trade," Jake looked at how Harry had his arm wrapped around Kaya then noted the basket. "I see you already went down there to get everything."

"You were sleeping Jake. We wanted to give you a break," Kaya noted the color fading from Jake's face. "What's wrong?"

"Nothing, like I said. He's in the big Ford truck. See you guys inside," Jake turned around and walked away.

"Do you think he is okay?" Kaya asked Harry shrugging the idea off.

"I think so, why wouldn't he be?" 

"I don't know, something seemed wrong."

"Well I think he's fine. Let's go trade some stuff," Harry said as they continued the walk. 

Jake had started to jog back up to the house. He was feeling like a complete fool because he should have know Kaya would go for Harry. Luckily he could be alone with his thoughts as the rest of the house was still passed out. 

"Hello," a burly man with a white beard greeted Kaya and Harry as they approached. "I'm Sam, I'm here to trade with ya. Anythin ya want? We can see if I have it?"

"Milk?" Harry suggested knowing that he wanted a tall glass of milk. 

"Okay then," Sam spoke with a deep, southern accent. It was a little difficult to understand him but Kaya and Harry tried. "What do ya have? I got two gallons with me right now."

"Well," Kaya took over. "We don't have much. But there is a dozen eggs left in the house. We have two cucumbers, a tomato, and three squash. Any good?"

Harry took Kaya's hand because he could hear the bit of shakiness in her voice. She didn't hesitate to hold it. 

"Hmm, well since ya youngins just startin' I be a little nicer than I normally would. Dozen of eggs for both gallons, what ya say?" 

Harry looked down at Kaya and she nodded. It did seem like a good deal considering the prices of both of them in the stores. 

"Okay, let me go get the eggs for you," Kaya said. 

Once she was up the stairs Harry felt a little nervous standing with the burly man. He had a certain stench that was unforgettable, a mixture of manure, chewing tobacco, and blood.

"So what type of farm do you work on?" Harry asked attempting small talk.

"I got a slaughter house boy, and my sons jus left for college. Hard to tend the fields by myself too, ya understand? Where ya fields at?"

"Down that way," Harry didn't know what to make of his thick accent. After he would finish talking he would spit a large amount of dirty, brown liquid from his mouth. This reminded Harry of motor oil because it was close to black. 

The site of him spitting was making Harry's stomach weak and he just wished Kaya would hurry up. How long did it take to grab the eggs out of the fridge?

"Nice, ya look like a strong man. Maybe ya'd like to work my fields instead of here?" Sam offered. "Then ya could have some of the meat from the slaughter house."

Harry cringed a little bit as the thought of a slaughter house flashed through his mind. 

"Did our producer not tell you about the show?"

"Yea, he did but I figured maybe ya'd like the idea. Oh well," Sam spit out another bit just as Kaya was coming back. "Oh sorry miss," Sam smiled as the spit nearly hit Kaya. 

"Here's the eggs," she handed them over then looked back at Harry who was clearly getting sick from the spit. "So what about the vegetables? Any meat? Pasta? Anything you are willing to trade," Kaya knew her voice sounded urgent but she just wanted to get rid of this guy as fast as possible. 

"Well, for the squash and tomato I give ya," he scratched his beard then spit again before replying. "A pound of hamburger and two pounds of rice."

"Deal," Harry said before Kaya and him could discuss it. "And the cucumbers?"

"Well don't ya get use to this type of generosity kay?" Sam reached around and pulled out a tall box of food. "Got some bread, homemade too. The misses made is special for y'all. Peanut butter and jam, A thing of butter, spaghetti and sauce. You British folk do like this stuff right?" 

Kaya and Harry only nodded as he continued to name off the rest of the contents of the box. 

"Some cheese. A thing of bacon, straight from my slaughter house. I think two or three boxes of macaroni. And hell I'll give you another pound of hamburger."

"Thank you so much," Kaya handed over the basket of vegetables and Harry grabbed the box. "Get Jake to come down and get the milk while you put that away," Harry went to interject but Kaya shot him a look that made it clear he was to stay in the house. 

"Ya two in love?" Sam smiled.

"Oh no. We're not," Kaya laughed. 

"I can see it. Ya may think I'ma crazy ole man but I know love. That's why the misses and me been together for so long."

"Well we hardly know each, maybe in the future," Kaya looked away from the man as he continued his spitting game. "Thank you so much for your generosity this week Sam."

"I'm here to help," Jake said, feeling a little more accepted that Kaya wanted him to come get some stuff. 

"Here ya go boy," Sam handed over the milk. "And here ya go miss," he then handed Kaya the rice and hamburger. "I see y'all again next week. Hopefully ya have a little more for me." Sam chuckled as he got back into his truck. 

Kaya and Jake stood there waving as he backed out of the driveway and took off down the road.

"He wasn't the slightest bit creepy," Jake smile and turned to Kaya.

"Be lucky you weren't down here for most of it. He was pretty hard to understand," Kaya laughed. "Come on let's go tell everyone what we got."

As Jake and Kaya entered the house they smelled the bacon already cooking. 

"Harry! Don't you think we should save that for sometime later in the week?" but then she noticed that Phoebe was standing in the kitchen making the bacon. 

"Oh calm down Kaya. It's time for a little celebration!" Phoebe said in a fake tone.

"What? Are you actually going to help us?" Kaya started to get in her face but Jake pulled her back.

"Calm down," Jake whispered into her ear.

"Oh Kaya. Get over yourself. Not my fault you like working in the field like a mule," Phoebe then laughed at her own joke. 

"You are so ridiciulous!" Kaya yelled. 

Harry came back downstairs to the yelling. 

"Phoebe what the hell? I said to put everything away while I ran upstairs to get George and Jayden up!" Everyone was looking at Harry because that had never heard him so angry. 

"Oh Harry," Phoebe walked over to him and put her hand on his cheek. "It's okay. You don't have to pretend to be mad at me."

"I'm not pretending Phoebe. Unlike you we actually deserve the food!" Harry yelled as he pushed her back.

"Just everybody calm down!" Jake said getting in the middle of everything. "Phoebe you aren't entitled to anything unless you are going to start helping out around here."

"Oh, I see," Phoebe curled her lips up into a smile. 

"You both want little Kaya's attention so you are trying to hate me. Whatever. Kaya, continue to play with your boy toys," Phoebe said returning up the stairs. 

"How much did she start cooking?" Kaya said rushing into the kitchen.

"Only a few pieces," Harry observed. "Sorry I left her down here with it. I didn't think she would be so selfish."

"It's fine," Kaya said.

"Just be a little more careful next time," Jake mumbled. 

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