Celebrity Real World

MTV has a show called The Real World where seven normal strangers are put into one house and cameras follow them around to watch them live their lives. So what happens when seven celebrities are asked to participate? The celebrities being Harry Styles, Jayden Sierra, George Shelly, Jake T. Austin, Kaya Scodelario, Lucy Hale, and Phoebe Tonkin.
Find out when they put their celebrity life to a halt and live together. *disclaimer! Some of the facts presented in this story will not be true* Copyright © 2013


13. Day 11

Phoebe had been refusing to leave her room for past two days. Saying she was not going to work with the other roommates. They decided it might be best to let her cool down and they would take on all the responsibilities that they were having to adapt to. 

Lucy expressed no interest in wanting to work in the fields either. They let her come help but she was barely able to do anything. It took her twice as long to carry water, she was afraid of the chickens, and her attempt to weed the garden was causing more damage than help. 

Only two days into the messy work of Lucy, Harry decided that they needed a different approach to Lucy. 

"Lucy," Harry called her over. Jake and him had just finished their third trip up the hill and nearly exhausted and they were no where near done. "We have an idea for you," he huffed and eventually sat down. 

"Lucy," Jake took over for Harry knowing that he was pretty winded. Even though Jake offered to push the cart back up the hill Harry never accepted the offer. "We have an idea that can benefit all of us," Lucy nodded seeming a little distracted as she kept looking over at George and Jayden in the field. "We are all so exhausted in the middle of the day and at night. We really hate having to cook for ourselves. Harry and I were thinking you should stay in the kitchen and this is not just because you are a woman."

Lucy gave Jake a weird look as if she didn't understand anything he just said. Harry stood up and decided to take over the talk with Lucy. 

"Lucy you are a great cook, and no offense you really are not much help down here. This will help all of us out because then someone will know what we need in the house for Fridays."

"We are not trying to make you feel like you aren't helpful," Jake intejected, "but also if you are in the house maybe you could convince Phoebe to help you. Then we would all be working together."

"And," Kaya popped up beside them, "you can relay the message to Phoebe if she doesn't start doing something we are going to put padlocks on the food cabinets."

"We thought about doing that because she isn't out here working and we are almost out of food. We have two more days until we can trade," Harry started again. "I'm getting a little sick of eggs myself."

"Me too," Jake said. "Just she likes you so maybe it'll be beneficial for everyone if you stayed in the house with her."

"Okay," Lucy shouted. "I get it. I'm worthless down her. Got it!" 

Lucy began to storm off toward the house. Jayden and George came over to talk to the rest of the them.

"I take that didn't go over so well with her," George observed.

"What did she say?" Jayden asked.

"She's angry but I think she'll be thankful in a few days," Jake stated. "Checked the weather, rounding out a hundred in the next few days."

"We need rain," Kaya said remembering they were running off well water.

"These are things we can't control," Harry started, "we just have to make sure Phoebe isn't wasting resources that we could be saving."

"Better said than done," Kaya rolled her eyes and walked back over to the fields. 

"These females will be the death of us gentlemen," George joked. 

"Wanna trade mates?" Jayden asked noting the fact Jake and Harry were probably sore. 

"I'm fine," Jake said. "Harry are you good?"

"Yeah, just give me a few minutes."

Jayden and George shrugged before heading back into the fields to work. They all had plots they held mass amounts of vegetables. The plots were growing corn, tomatoes, potatoes, green beans, squash (most had never eaten), cucumbers, broccoli, and peas. Jake had found two fully matured apple trees and a pear tree on the other side of the river. The blooms were coming in would start producing any day now. 

"Harry let me take the cart okay?" Jake insisted. 

"It's fine man," Harry said stretching his arms over his head.

"I'm not stupid, you are going to end up hurting your back trying to impress Kaya," Jake looked over to make sure she couldn't hear him. "Don't be that guy who ruins himself for a girl."

Jake didn't wait for Harry to respond. He grabbed the cart and heading over to empty the jugs in the barrels. 

Harry sat there wondering why he was trying to impress Kaya. It was becoming more and more clear that Kaya fancied Jake. Harry continued to sit there thinking.

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