i kidnapped my boyfriend

when jewels bf decides he has had enough of her she does the only thing she can do to keep him close


4. what!?!?!?!?

after Jason walked me home my brothers picked me up and carried me to their room for an unknown reason

"what did you get today" Mitchel asks closing the door, I go through my back pack for my five presents, I show them the charm bracelet Jason got me, the speaker, the necklace. and the other things

"and Jason drew this in art today" I pull out the picture Jason drew, he wanted me to have it

"did he really draw this" Dillon looks surprised, I smile and nod

"yep, the teacher even cried a little, I was tearing up as soon as I saw it" they hug me tight, I get a text from kylie

<to jewel> Jason just told me he was going to break up with you tonight, he just texted me, im so sorry, he is coming to your house later to hang out and tell you

<from jewel> thanks for letting me know, I appreciate it..... I walk out of their rom with my stuff and slam my door shut and collapse on the bed crying

what seems like hours later I hear a knock at my door

"come in" I say wiping away my tears, Jason walks in and I pretend to be happy to see him

"what's wrong baby" he sits next to me on the bed and puts his arm around me

"nothing, its just a sad song I heard earlier" he nods in agreement, I stand up and walk over to my window and close the curtains and it gets darker in the room

"oh, and...there's something I want to talk to you about" I look at him like I don't know about the break up

"what is it" I sit next to him on my bed, he urns so he is facing me, I do the same

"now, I don't know how to say this but....." he pauses and looks to the floor, "I think we need to break up" I start to cry again

"but why" I look him in the eyes, he is hurt too

"I just think it would be better for both of us" I can tell he is lying

"I know youre lying, tell me the truth" I stand up and almost yell

"ok, ok, im really sorry, but someone is making me tell you I don't love you, and made me think I don't by telling me things" he backs away

"so youre just going to believe them" I shout, I hear a car drive away and realize Mitchel and Dillon are going to the store

"well.." he stammers, I punch him in the face and he falls to the floor, I hit him in the head and he goes unconscious on the floor, without thinking I drag him into the locked room in the house, im the only one who can go in there because I have the only key to the room

I clean the room up a little and dust and put him on the bed, I get a glass of water and a sandwich for him for when he wakes up, I lock the door and think I should leave a note for him not to make a lot of noise, It says

     dear Jason

im sorry I have to do this but I love you and I don't wanna let you go, please understand and don't make a lot of noise or im dead, again im really sorry for doing this and I love you

                                                         love jewel


I set it next to him along with an ice pack for his face, I go back in my room and sit on the bed and stare at the floor until I hear something from the locked room next to me, I walk over and slowly open the door, I don't see him anywhere, I completely walk in and lock the door,  put the key in my bra and walk around the room, Jason ripped the note to shreds, has taken the ice pack, and his food has been untouched

"Jason" I look behind everything, make sure the window is locked, and all that's let to check is the closet, I walk slowly over to the closet, I open the door to find Jason huddled in the corner, he looks at me angrily and tackles me to the ground, he pins me to the floor and covers my mouth

"get me out of here" he searches my pockets for the key, he pulls it out of my bra(creepy right) and accidently throws it and it slides under the door far out of our reach, he smacks me in the face, he lets my arms go, but is still sitting on my lower stomach, preventing me from getting away

"let me go" I try to push him off but he pushes me back to the ground every time

"not til im out of here" he laughs and rips my over shirt off, leaving my tank top and shorts alone, he pulls his shirt off and starts kissing me, I try to push him away but he's too strong, he throws me on the old bed and jumps on top of me again, his hands on my shoulders, his eyes look into mine with a sensitivity in them, like he wishes he didn't have to do this, I see the bruise slightly covered by his shaggy hair, his hat on backwards, a tuft of his hair hanging out of the little frownie face of it, his lips brush against my neck, I push him away, he slaps me again, a tear rolls down my cheek, he wipes it away with his thumb 

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