i kidnapped my boyfriend

when jewels bf decides he has had enough of her she does the only thing she can do to keep him close


2. trouble

when i start to draw in class Jason stares at me, or my drawings the whole time, every time i look at him he smiles at me and kisses me, no body notices, and no body cares, he is really awesome, he wears a red hat backwards every day, he has blue eyes, light brown shaggy hair, and has a circle tattoo on his chest, sometimes he wears a seashell necklace, he wore it today, and he is just amazing

"can you draw me something" he asks taking my pencil and bites on the eraser

"maybe if you give me my pencil back" i look at him and smile, he looks at the pencil and hands it back to me, "thank you" he puts his arm around the back of my chair and watches me as i study my paper

"can you draw me a picture of you, looking pretty in a dress" i smile still looking down at my paper, i feel my cheeks warming up, im blushing i know it, "but then again, youre always beautiful" i crash, i put my head on my desk and fold my arms around my head and blush harder, he pulls my arms away and lifts my head up to him with his hand and smiles at me, "did i embarrass you" he smiles

"a little" i admit, and i don't usually admit anything

"im sorry" he leans in to kiss me, but the teacher slams a textbook down on his desk, he stops, but doesn't jump

"mr fillin, i expected better from you, go to the office" Jason looks at me sadly and pecks me on the cheek as he grabs his backpack and slowly walks out the door, "as for you miss wason, you will sit over there" he points to a seat partnering to the person who bullies me whenever Jason isn't around

"do i have to, i mean its so far away, and..." the teacher cuts me off

"just go to the office now" he yells and points to the door as if i had forgotten to exit a room

"i know how to exit a room im not old like you" the class laughs

"now" he yells

"but today is my birthday"

"happy birthday" the class screams

"thank you" i say as the teaches slams my big text book on my desk

"get to the office now, or i will call someone to come get you" he yells louder than before, i slowly get up and pack my stuff, the class laughs when i do faces behind his back, i just stop as soon as he turns around

"what did you do"

"nothing" i keep walking

"no, stop, what did you do" i turn around

"ok, im confused, you want me to leave, but now you want me to stay" i say confused

"what did you do"

"i didnt do anything" i run out of the classroom as he continues to yell at me, i slow to a walk when i get into the next hallway before the main entryway, when i walk into the office i see Jason smiling at me

"what did you do" i laugh a little remembering what i did to the teacher

"i refused to move seats so he told me to come up here so we had an argument, and as i walked out of the classroom i made faces and shook my butt at him and then he told me to wait, i said i didnt do anything and ran out of the room" his smile turns to laughing as he hugs me, i laugh slightly as the principle comes out for Jason

"mr fillin, come with me now" he sounds stern

"see you in a few" he continues laughing as he follows the principle into his office

i sit in the front office for the rest of the period and part of the next until Jason walks out laughing, he hands me a piece of paper and walks out

"miss wason, come here" he sounds disappointed, i grab my things and walk into his office with a big smile on my face

"good morning mr c, may i say you look wonderful today, that tie really matches your hair" i say, he smiles at me delighted

"why thank you miss wason" he straightens his tie

"can you just call me jewel please" he smiles at my manners

"yes miss... i mean jewel, your teacher said you refused to come up here and sad you were doing things behind his back, is this true" i look at him surprised

"that is partly true, i refused to move seats because the person he was trying to sit me next to hates my gut, and i was protecting myself, and i was doing things behind his back but not what you may think, i was motioning back to one of the other students who was motioning to me" i finish and put my hands on my lap, he nods

"that sounds fair, and it makes sense, ill let you go with a warning this time, but don't get in trouble again" i smile and get up to leave

"oh, and happy birthday jewel" i turn and smile


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