i kidnapped my boyfriend

when jewels bf decides he has had enough of her she does the only thing she can do to keep him close


5. help

as we lye on the bed, he has moved so he is laying right next to me, and his arm is around my waist, his other arm slowly moves underneath my head, im facing away from him because im afraid I'll cry if I look at him, his hand tries to turn my head towards him but I slap him hard

"you know you don't have to be so mean to your boyfriend" I turn around pissed

"youre holding me hostage in my own house" I snap, I feel my phone vibrate in my pocket, he watches as I pull up a text from Dillon

<to jewel> we are gonna have to go on a business trip and we need to leave as soon as possible, you think you can hold the fort for a couple of days

Jason takes my phone and responds for me

<from jewel> yeah, I can handle it, love you guys> I try to take my phone back but he throws it under the bed

"nope, I don't think so, now stay still" he pins my arms in his left arm, and covers my mouth with his right hand so I don't scream, I try to kick him but he wraps his legs around mine and completely pins me down

"ouch" he almost yells as I bite his hand, I get free and run over to the door and slide my tiny hand underneath and grab the key and hide throw it in my mouth as Jason grabs me

"give it here now" he tries to make me spit it out by hitting me, but I keep my mouth shut tight

"no" I scream and punch him in the stomach, he falls to the ground and I quickly unlock the door

"hey" he tries ramming into the door but I lock it just in time and run to my room, I realize I left my phone in there when I try to get it out of my pocket

"smart jewel, you could've at least grabbed your phone" I complain to my self and feel my leg snap as I jump onto the floor

"aahhh" I almost scream as I lye on the floor holding my leg close to me, tears streaming down my cheeks, I hear a door break down and my door opens, Jason comes running in to my side, I back away in fear he will hold me down again, but he holds his hands up defensively as he moves closer to me

"don't worry, im gonna help, ill go get your phone so I can call an ambulance" and with that he runs out of my room to the other one, he runs back in with my phone to his ear

"hello, my girlfriend just broke her leg, she needs an ambulance now" he hangs and sits by my side

"so after I kidnapped you your helping me" I say wiping away my tears

"of course, isn't that what boyfriends are for" he smiles and picks me up carefully, he carries me down stairs, my arms around his shoulders he sits down on the couch and strokes my hair, I put my head on his shoulder he holds me tight while we wait for the ambulance to arrive

there are several knocks on the door and Jason carries me out and into the ambulance, he sits next to me and holds my hand on the way to the hospital, one of the nurses says they need to perform surgery on my leg and sedates me


Jason's POV


after the nurse sedates jewel refuse to let go of her hand, I just squeeze it harder, it feels like forever til we get to the hospital and I realize I only have my man tank and jeans on, I grab my high tops and rub my ankles as I wait in the waiting room as they take jewel back to a room, I pull out my phone and text my brother matt, possibly he could come over and keep me company

after what feels like hours matt finally arrives and sits next to me, I quietly tell him what happened at jewels house and he looks at me confused almost the whole time

"and that's it" he shakes his head and rubs his temples like a wizard, it makes me laugh every time he does it

"so youre telling me" he stops rubbing his temples and looks at me, "she locked you in a room right next to hers, and after your little conflict with her she broke her leg in her room somehow you don't even know yet" I nod and he shakes his head again

"im calling mom and dad, this is insane" he pulls out his phone and starts dialing

"no, you cant, they will lock me in my room forever" I grab his phone and put it in my shoe, he looks at me very mad now

"give me back my phone Jason" he never uses my real name, he usually calls me jase whenever he's not mad at me

"no, I wont let you call mom and dad about this" we stare at each other for a long while, he gets up and starts walking away

"what are you doing" I ask running after him

"im going home to tell them, and Jordan" I feel my face lose its color, mom and dad weren't that bad, but my oldest brother Jordan would do way worse to me if he found out, that's why I prefer matt

"no, please, not Jordan, he'll kill me...literally" I pull back on his arm after we walk out the door

"well maybe you deserve it, after what you did to her,  breaking her leg, pretty much..." I know what he's gonna say next so I interrupt him

"I didn't break her leg, I heard her scream and rushed to help her, and I did not do anything you think I did to her, I would never do that to her, I love her with all my heart" he looks at me and to the parking lot as Jordan's car pulls up, at nineteen he can pretty do whatever he wants to me, and at seventeen, matt can not, I run back inside as Jordan parks his car, matt runs after me and grabs my arm and pulls me back outside, I kick him but he wont let me go

"what's this all about" Jordan says mad he had to come down here

"why did you come down here" I say panicking still in matt's superhuman grip

"matt texted me he was going to the hospital and told me to come too" he says looking me in the eyes, his dark brown eyes burning with rage, both matt and Jordan like jewel, and treat her like a sister, and protect her from anyone

"Jason has something very interesting to tell you" matt looks down at me, his softer hazel eyes showing no emotion at all, he throws me over to Jordan, he grabs my shoulders and pulls me to his car, he puts me in the passenger seat and locks the doors, I frantically try to open the door, but its no use

"what do you have to say that's so important you dragged matt down here for" his dark expression fades a little, I nervously tell the story, afraid he will punch me any second

"and that's pretty much it" he looks down, not sure how to respond, his shaggy black hair falling in his face

"you know I don't like punishing you, and you are fourteen, so what do you think the most acceptable thing for your punishment, and nothing ridiculous" he looks back at me, I see a small tear fall down his cheek, he notices I see it and quickly wipes it away and sniffles

I sigh loudly, Jordan is really disappointed with me his time, but this is actually worse than seeing him raging with anger, a tear falls on his dark jeans

"Jordan" I say quietly, he looks up, his eyes are turning pink from crying, I wipe away a quick tear and hug him tight, he hug me back, its been so long since Jordon or matt let me hug them, I don't mean to sound soft, but it feels really good to know they still love me, his leather jacket is a little wet from my tears, matt hops in the back seat of the car and joins the hug

"so are you still going to punish me" I ask nervously as we let each other go from the hug

"yes, but not very hard, I think you deserve a break, and jewel punished you pretty hard too" Jordan laughs, its been so long since Jordan laughed around me and matt, we looked at him surprised

"what" he says when he notices our expressions

"we thought it was impossibly for you to laugh" we all laugh, I wipe away my dry tears with my shirt and we go back inside

"you guys don't have to wait here with me, I just wanted someone to talk to about what happened" I look at matt and Jordan

"i'll stay here so she has a ride home" Jordan offers, matt nods and leaves, Jordan sit in the waiting room in silence for a while til jewel walks out with her doctor, she has crutches under her arms and her right calf is wrapped in a cast, the doctor gives her a bottle with medicine in it and she walks over to us

"hey" she stops and rubs her eyes, I get up and hug her, she sees Jordan and hugs him too

"so how long are your brothers gonna be out of town again" i asks as we walk out of the hospital

"for about three days, and where's my phone" she smiles at me, i pull it out of my pocket and slide it in hers, her baggy shorts blow in the wind

"do you wanna crash at our house" Jordan offers, she laughs

"no thanks, i gotta stay and watch after my house" she walks in between me and Jordan, i can see him moving closer to her, i punch him in the arm and jewel pushes us farther apart as we reach the car, i help her into the backseat and slide in next to her

"want me to stay with you, incase you fall or something happens" i put my arm around her, she leans into me and rests her head on my shoulder

"sure, thanks" she smiles and pulls out her phone and turns on radioactive by imagine dragons, i see Jordan's mouth moving to the lyrics

"sing it Jordan" he immediately stops and blushes, "oh come on Jordan, sing, i know you want to" jewel laughs and turns it up

"shut your mouth jase" he laughs

"come on, I've heard you sing before, youre great" he smiles and looks back at us

"if im going to sing put it on sorry for party rockin" he looks back at me

"i don't have that song" jewel says as i pull out my phone, i turn it on and turn it up as loud as it will go, jewel and Jordan start singing it, she nudges me to start singing along, i shake my head, she leans in closer and sings louder, i give in and sing, Jordan flashes me a thumbs up and jewel does too, i laugh and squeeze jewel to me, today just turned awesome

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