i kidnapped my boyfriend

when jewels bf decides he has had enough of her she does the only thing she can do to keep him close


1. he loves me

"wake up" i hear Mitchel yell at me through the door

"don't make me come in there" Dillon said, i have two older brothers, and they are twins, and so annoying, i throw the pillow over my head and block them out, two sixteen year old brothers are even worse than one, especially mine, but they are very protective of me

"you asked for it" they shout and barge in my room and attack me

"im up im up" i yell through laughing as they tickle me to death, they stop and hug me as i catch my breath

"happy birthday J, you may be annoying, but your turning fourteen" Dillon says picking me up and running downstairs screaming the happy birthday song

"you'll wake the whole town if you don't shut up" i tease as he sets me in front of my breakfast, they cooked pancakes, toast with jelly, bacon and eggs for me like they do every year, i love them so much, and they love me

"maybe that's the point, i want you to have the best birthday ever" Mitchel says as they sit on opposite sides of me and eat their breakfast, they are having three huge pancakes with bacon, they eat so much, but they don't gain much weight, they only weigh about 130 140 because they work out for like two hours every day, so they are really strong

"it will be once i get my presents" i take a big bite of bacon, then Dillon runs into the living room and comes back with three boxes

"one is from mom and dad" pointing to a big box, "and this one is from me" he gestures to the skinny box, "and this one is from Mitchel" he hands me a box about the size of my head, i open that one first, its an i pad

"omg thank you so much" i hug him with the arm not holding the box and Dillon hands me his gift, its a new i pod touch, the latest model

"aaahhhh thank you Dillon" i hug him too, finally he gives me mom and dads gift to me, a box the size of my palm holds a beautiful charm bracelet

"they said it is real silver, copper and gold, and look at the charms on it" Mitchel tells me as i look mesmerized at it, i turn it over in my hand and see two big hearts, a big music note, and a heart that says "i love you" in the middle

"Mitchel picked this one" i hold up the music note, he has been my encourager with my music, "Dillon picked out this one" i say and hold up the heart with "i love you" he smiles and nods, "and these two are from mom and dad" they smile and nod

"perfect" Dillon says and hugs me, Mitchel squeezes us both so hard i cant breathe

"stop, stop, i cant breathe" i laugh

"but its fun" Dillon says coughing and laughing

"not for me" they let go, "oh crap, i gotta get ready for school" i quickly eat the rest of my breakfast and run upstairs to get ready

i pick out my red skinny jeans, a light long sleeve black shirt with a built in hood, and my shiny  black high tops, grab my backpack and run downstairs

"hey" Mitchel yells as i get to the door, i run back over to them and give them a hug, when i try to release they wont let me

"if Jason doesn't get you anything we will deal with him ourselves, so tell us" Dillon says seriously, i laugh

"ok, im gonna be late" they give me a kiss and let me go, i dart out the door and run to school

by the time i get in the front office the final bell has rang for class to start

"here is a pass" the lady at the desk hands me a late pass

"thank you" run out of breath i quickly walk out of the office and to my classroom on the other side of the school

"your late miss wason" mr neal says as i sneak into the room

"yeah i know, but i have a pass" i hold up the pass and put it on his desk, i stand there while he looks at it carefully

"you didnt have your brothers write it did you" he look at it suspiciously

"of course not, the lady at the front desk gave it to me when i walked in" he looks at me unconvinced, i laugh, he picks up the phone and calls the front office

"hello, this is mr neal, did you write jewel wason a late pass to my room this morning" he pauses and looks at me mad, he hangs up

"believe me now" i say satisfied

"take a seat or ill send you up to the principle" i make a face at him when he looks away and take my seat next to Jason in the back of the room

"nice babe, just made it" he hugs me as i get out a notebook to draw in

"yep, just the luck i get from mother nature on my birthday" i smile at him, he is the only person outside my family who understands me

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