Percy Jackson's fall into Tartarus

This story is for Heroes of Olympus fans, who like Percy as the focus character. I thought up this story to entertain fans while they wait for the House of Hades to come out. Spoiler Alert! If you haven't read The Mark Of Athena, then this story will give away the ending. This is my first story, so please give me feedback to improve! I do not own any characters or content. All content belongs to Rick Riordan. Cover art belongs to


11. Helpless Struggles

Annabeth tried to warn him, too.

She struggled against the fat ogre holding her arms behind her as Percy forced himself to his knees. His captor seemed okay with this, and was perfectly happy to lean on Percy's back instead of standing up himself. Annabeth wanted nothing more than to slice him to bits, but all around them was an army of monsters that couldn't die. Typical.

Behind Percy, the crowd parted to let though two figures. At first, Annabeth didn't recognize either of them, but as their forms became clear she had to fight back her panic. The leading woman's snake hair was suspiciously quiet and her face was slightly deformed from where Annabeth had struck her earlier. She'd managed to find herself a veil to wear, probably because half her face was bashed in and she wasn't looking too good. Behind Medusa, the giant shape of a spider loomed, sticking to the shadows as best as she could. Annabeth sucked in breath to warn Percy, but her captor slammed his disgusting hand over her mouth. Medusa brought a large stone from under her shawl, gripping it menacingly. Annabeth fought in vain, but as Percy began turning Medusa clubbed him in the back of his head. His guard let him drop to the ground, so he gracefully landed face first in the gravel.

Annabeth's ogre took his hand from her mouth. "Percy!" She cried out. Looking to Medusa, she screeched with rage. "How dare you?" She continued to resist the ogre's grip and glared Medusa down. See smiled with no warmth in her gaze.

"I did tell him I was trying to help. Now he must endure the pain I told him would come." She snapped her fingers, and a demon with bat wings and one slithering trunk came forward with steel chains in hand. It knelt beside Percy's limp body and pulled his arms above his head, wrapping the chains tight around his wrists.

Annabeth, for once, had no clue what she was supposed to do. "Leave him alone." She told Medusa, in her best 'I'm going to kill you' voice. Medusa just sighed, like Annabeth was an ant that she would squish underfoot. From the edge of the circle, Arachne emerged from the gloom and crawled towards the center of the circle. At the sight of her, Annabeth had to force herself not to pass out in fear. The huge arachnid herself was horrifying and brought back terrible memories. She came to stand in front of Percy, which put her only feet away from Annabeth's face. She snarled and clamped her pinchers closed. Annabeth flinched back, barely able to keep herself from fainting in fear. Behind Arachne, Medusa had taken the chains from the bat-snake, and began wrapping them around Arachne's abdomen. Her demon stepped forward as she finished, clamping a padlock down on the chains to secure them.

Medusa stood back to examine her handiwork. "That'll do nicely. Go now." At her command, Arachne strained forward and easily dragged Percy behind her. She crawled right by Annabeth and towards the edge of the circle. Percy scraped along only feet behind her. Annabeth began fighting the guard once more, but she was helpless to do anything as Percy rubbed past her leg. His arms hung above him and his head drooped till it almost hit the ground.

Annabeth struggled to fight back her rising hysteria. "Let. Him. Go." She tried to think of a valid threat, but she knew nothing would work. She was the least threatening figure here, excepting Percy, of course. He was barely visible now, being dragged off into the darkness flanked by guards. She always relied on her knowledge and tactic to get herself out of these situations, only now, she didn't have the upper hand.

All these thoughts rushed through her mind until Medusa broke in. "Oh, dear, I'm afraid I can't do that. I made a deal, you see. However, the mistress didn't say much about what to do with you." She held her chin in her hand, like she was thinking critically. It made Annabeth sick. "I suppose I could just leave you here until they're done with your little hero, but what fun would that be? I'm sure I can get some juicy information out of you." Annabeth sat up quickly as Medusa approached her. The ring of monsters wavered and hissed as their excitement grew. Kneeling down, Medusa held her rock up to Annabeth's face. She clearly saw Percy's blood smeared across it. Fury burned inside her.

"So, dear," Medusa said calmly. "Is there anything I should know? Anything interesting happening above?" Her veil still covered her face, but Annabeth could make out her smirk.

Thinking carefully, Annabeth replied, "We've turned the tide." She spoke louder, hoping to have more monsters listen. "The Romans and Greeks have united, and Gaea will soon fail." She tried to sound as sincere as she could, but her act fell apart when the whole circle erupted with laughter. Medusa smiled under her veil, then stabbed downward with her stone. It embedded itself in Annabeth's leg- not deep, but definitely enough to get her attention. She cried out, and had to bite her lip not to scream and thrash. When Medusa brought the stone out, Annabeth couldn't tell the difference between her own blood and Percy's. The wound wasn't severe, but Medusa could easily make it that way. Annabeth took a deep breath, then looked up. Her mind worked overtime trying to come up with a way out of this. Come on, think. She opened her mouth to try and buy time, but a deep voice echoed from the circle's edge.

"Medusa, stop wasting time." Medusa shot to her feet. The voice demanded obedience and projected evil confidence. It was definitely male, and old. "We don't need the girl, and there are other matters to attend to." Where is that coming from? Annabeth couldn't see the source around Medusa's form, even when she bowed in the voice's direction.

"Of course, my lord." She turned back around, tossing her rock up and down in her palm. Her expression conveyed annoyance, as if she hated the speaker but had no choice but to obey him. She turned to Annabeth, sighing. She lowered her voice and spoke directly into Annabeth's ear, "We are not done." Then stood and turned, smacking Annabeth in the head with the rock as she did so. Annabeth fell, still conscious when she hit the ground. Her eyes were closing as Medusa crossed the circle, which was breaking and following behind her. They all left and took the light with them.

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