Striped Pyjamas

I finally found someone I truly care about. The downside is sh's supposed to be the enemy...


4. Chapter 4

It is two days before I go and see Kelsey again. I have spent the last two days making a plan of attack. If I am Hitler's step son shouldn't I have equal power? I have decided that after my visit to Kelsey today I will address the people and try to make them see reason.

Kelsey sits cross legged, her head facing the floor much like the time we first met. As I walk closer and sit opposite her, her head shoots up. "I have waited two days to see you. You did not come. Why?" She asks. "I had duties to attend to. I am sorry I kept you waiting." "It is fine. I understand."

A comfortable silence fills the air as I look at Kelsey and in turn she watches me with the same curiosity. "I have an idea." I state. Kelsey gives me a quizzical look. "I may just be a normal German." I begin the practiced lie falling easily from my lips. "But maybe I can influence the people to set the Jewish free."

"Are you off your nut? They will kill us all! Only Hitler has that sort of power! You a common German can do nothing!" "I can try." "You can but that will only lead to murder." "Not necessarily. If I rally the people we can take a stand against Hitler." Kelsey sighs. "I want to believe you Jonathan, I really do but I do not think that this plan will work in your favour." "Nor do I but it is worth a shot."

The clock in the middle of the town square strikes twelve. The sound echoing off the trees. "I have to go." I say. "I will try my best." I begin to stand but Kelsey stops me in my tracks. "Jonathan!" I look at her. She pokes her fingers trough the fence. "Be careful." I touch my finger tips to hers. An unmistakable force drawing me towards her. Kelsey meets me half way as I softly press my lips to hers.

Kelsey's lips are soft and slightly chapped. I close my eyes. The kiss is gentle and full of hope and admiration. I pull back slightly to catch my breath and look at Kelsey. She is looking back at me. "You are not like other girls Kelsey. I could tell that from the moment we met. I know I have only known you a short while but it feels like I have known you my whole life. I will save you and your people. I promise."

Kelsey smiles a beautiful captivating smile. "I know you will. Now go. Save us." And with that I stand and hurry back towards the town.

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