Striped Pyjamas

I finally found someone I truly care about. The downside is sh's supposed to be the enemy...


2. Chapter 2

That night I awake from a horrible nightmare. The man who I saw get killed today was in it. He was screaming for help. Screaming for me. "HELP ME YOU SICK BARSTARD! WHY DO YOU JUST STAND THERE AND LET THIS HAPPEN!?"

The man yelled. I shudder as I recall the dream. The thing about guilt is that is consumes you before you know it. Completely devouring your mind body and spirit. The next thing you know you're on your knees begging for mercy. I sigh as I rub my face with my hands.

I pull myself from my bed and step onto the cold wooden ground. I walk over to my window still dressed in my night clothes. I open the window and let the cold breeze pierce my veins. The wind ruffles my hair. An unspoken kind of reassurance. I hear heavy footsteps plodding down the hall.

I tense and still my actions as only one person in this house wears boots that heavy. "Jonathan? What are you doing?" Step father. "N-nothing." I stammer. "I just needed some fresh air as I just awoke from a ghastly nightmare." "I see."

Step father walks further into my room and closes the door. "What is it you are looking for step father?" I ask politely. "Answers." He replies folding his hands behind his back. "A soldier reported seeing you today. Watching a Jewish man die. Tell me son do you have an interest in becoming a Nazi soldier?"

'N-No! I have no desire to become a villain!" "A villain? Oh no dear child no. The villains, satins children are the Jewish. They are the enemy child. Not the Nazi's." "You authorize the murder of innocent life! You and your Nazi soldiers! Why?" "The Jewish took all the shops. Ran all the businesses while us Germans wallowed in poverty!"

"That is no reason to kill! No reason to manipulate the minds of your country!" "It is every reason! Believe me so when I say I know more then you think." I pause for a moment. Does he know about Kelsey? No. He couldn't. No one was watching us.

We're they? "I run all of the concentration camps around the country. I see everything. I hear everything. I know everything. Be very careful what you do next son. Be very careful. Heed my warning child. Heed my warning."

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