Never Again *Liam Payne Fanfiction

Danella is a normal girl untl she encounters Liam Payne at a concert. He basicaly turns her life around. But, when he goes on tour hecheats on her with a fan. Or so she thinks. Should she belive Liam or the Papparazzi? Read and find out.


2. Won Argument. First Encounter.

"Dad, I'm happy ok." I say before he can start the lecture. I see disbelif in his eyes. I groan and stand up. I march into the kitchen.I grab the keys and my ticket and head for the door.

"Don't walk away from me." He says. He follows me to the car.

"Tell, Lucas I'll meet him there."

"Okay." He says. I crank the car and pull out. I see my dad run his fingers through his thining hair. I drive to the concert. Once I'm there I climb out and walk to the ticket lady. I hand her my ticket and she tears it. And hands it back to me. She points to the right. I walk where she pointed. I see a bench and sit down.I start crying. I see a young man with a buzz cut walk up to me. I look up. Oh My Goodness. It's Liam Payne.

Liam's p.o.v

I see a young girl crying. She wearing my favorite color.

"Lads, I'll be right back." I say. I walk towards her. She looks up at me She looks awestruck.

"Hi. I'm Liam."

"I know. I'm Danella."


*No hate to Danelle. I love her and Liam. Even though they broke up. I think. I don't know.


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