why me

When Emily's best friend Niall Horan leaves for the X Factor he forgets her. Will he ever remember her? Will they be friends again?


4. The concert

                  *Haley's POV* 

Wow she actually agreed to go. I'm very shocked. I woke up and took a shower. I put on a white see through shirt with a black tank top and some jean shorts and my high tops and put on light make up and I left.


                    * Emily's POV * 

We were finally here. I can't wait to get this over with. My hair was flowing down to my elbows which made them tickle. That made me remember mine and nialls tree house when he would play with my hair. Great now I'm crying. I rush to the lady's room to fix my make up. OK now I'm ready. It was now our turn we were the 10th people. '' hi Lady's" said Niall. '' who is this to'' asked Liam signing it. '' Emily and Haley please'' said Haley.  Niall suddenly looked really sad. I was thinking if he remembered me probably not. '' I used to have a best friend named Emily. I was gonna ask her out but then I tried out for the Xfactor.'' he said. Me and haley looked at each other, and I guessed he noticed and said do you know her. I didn't say anything at all. '' yeah umm she's standing right in front of you'' said Haley. Niall looked up and grabbed me into a big hug I missed this. " boys your on in 30 seconds" said Paul. '' well we will see you after maybe" said Niall and harry together. '' OK bye'' we said and went to our seat's.




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