Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


7. Chapter 7

{Chapter 7} Niall's POV: I stared at the picture Zayn had sent me of her. Her velvet red hair was flying around her face from her run, her cheeks red and she was looking right at us. Her hands were turning slightly white from clutching the snapback too hard and her bright blue eyes were wide. It felt good to realize she was looking for me. That the urge to find me was as great as my urge to find her. But I still didnt know her name. "She needs a codename," Louis joked as I stared at the picture. After the show, the boys had found time to question me and I told them the whole thing. Liam knew I threw her the hat but I hadnt told anyone about the overwhelming feeling that I needed to find her. "Lets call her Blackbird." Harry said. "I like it!" Zayn added with a smile. Louis looked back to me. "Whatcha think? Blackbird?" I just stared at him. "I dont care about nicknames. This is serious. I just want to find her." "And then what?" Louis asked. "You'll have to forget her either way. Do you really think you will be allowed to be even friends with her?" "That doesnt matter." "Then what are you going to do? Its not a game. And that isnt love." I glared at him. "Says who?" Louis threw his hands up in exasperation. "Niall, you dont know the girl! You met her all but once! Its just a crush." "No." "Niall, you'll get over it." "NO!" I sat up, kicking out the stool I had my feet propped up on. The boys stared at me wide eyed but Louis seemed unaffected. "This isnt just a crush! I've never in my life felt like this before. I've never believed in love at first sight until that night. I've never had my heart race so fast or felt so empty!" I said standing over him. He was silent waiting for me to finish. "So how is your love with El any different?" I challenged. "Im older Niall, you're still young." I growled and grabbed at my hair in frustration. "How does that have any fucking thing to do with this?! It doesnt matter how old you are!" I screamed at the top of my lungs, feeling the tears come to my eyes. "What does it matter if Im young! I love her! Nothing is going to stop me from looking for her! Ive been waiting for my princess for so long-you knew that!-and now that Ive found her you tell me its not real??" I was breathing heavily as the tears streamed down my face and I stomped away, feeling a sob rip from my chest. I shoved open the door to the bus and stumbled into the cool night air. I pulled out my phone quickly and went straight to instagram and twitter, posting her picture. "Please help me find her guys! This is important to me! I need to find her!" The captions read. And not even two minutes later my phone was blowing up with replies. Some people hadnt seen her others wanted to know who she was. My phone rang and I clicked talk. "Hello?" I croaked. "Take them down." Richard's voice ordered. "But I-" "Niall, DO IT!" I felt my heart practically breaking in my chest as I hung up on him. I was blind from the tears as I deleted the posts and felt myself crumble to the damp pavement. I curled myself up and just laid there with my cheek against the cold ground cooling my heated cheek as I continued to cry to myself. I gasped when the ground disappeared from under me but calmed when I heard Zayn's voice. "Cmon lad, its alright. Lets getcha back in. Its okay." He shushed me as he brought me carefully back into the bus. The others sat quietly as Zayn laid me in the bed and stepped back. He sighed and walked off. I cried in silence until I finally fell asleep. A/N: Sorry for updating so slow! And not replying I dont get too much time so I only reply to a select few. Like questions or something. I hope you enjoyed that small part of Niall. This is where things kinda get bumpy. Get ready for an emotional roller coaster! But if you guys want to find me anywhere else Im on instagram (@malikinmecrazy) and twitter (@xxkandyhoran) btw if you find me on instagram, Searching is up there and updated faster! Their like 2 chapters ahead (; Byeee!

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