Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


4. Chapter 4

{Chapter 4} "So you're really going?" Lola asked in a somber tone. I ran my hand through my hair as she and Marissa watched me pace across my room. My eyes found the clock. 11:32 pm. I shoved things into my purple duffle bag as they watched. "Yes, I said that on the phone. And it was your idea." I said turning to Lola, putting my hands on my hips. She stared at me silently for a moment before she finally spoke. "I didnt really think you would do it." "I didnt think I would either," I said as I turned away. "What if your Nana calls us to ask where you are?" "Just say you dont know." I said as I slipped on my shoes. "She was asleep when I got home, as far as she knows I was never here. Just say the last time you saw me was at the church during the meet and greet." Lola cracked a smile. "What if they think One Direction kidnapped you?" I stared at her for a moment. "They can think what they want." I shrugged. "This is crazy," Marissa sighed. I slung my duffle bag over my shoulder, slipped my phone into my pocket and grabbed my keys. "I know." "Well hey, you have your cell so us and check in okay?" Marissa said lurching forward to hug me. I hugged her back before moving onto Lola. They walked me outside and to my car. "Now go. Nana is a light sleeper and my truck rawrs like a monster." They nodded and loaded into Marissa's mustang before zooming off. I sighed and climbed into the cab of my big old faded black truck that looked like it just walked out of twilight and strapped myself in, ready to go. I checked the first spot One Direction would be in next. Miami, Florida. I started the truck and pulled out quickly, gripping the steering wheel keeping my foot o the gas so I didnt go back and chicken out. I peeked down at the red hat beside me. "Florida, here I come..."

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