Searching (Niall Horan Fanfiction)

"One look, one night, one simple silent glance and that was all it took. I had to find her. And somehow, some way, I would find her, even if that meant searching the entire world to see her eyes again." ~Niall Horan


12. Chapter 12

{Chapter 12}
Liam's POV:
"Dont worry, I've got it under control." I told Harry. "Are you sure? You could use my ticket so you could invite Dani. You know, mend things." I shook my head sadly. "Im not sure theres anything left enough to even mend." He sighed. "Alright, just be careful, Liam." "Will do." I said grabbing my phone and wallet, shoving them in my pocket before I wandered out of the bus. It was about 10am. I hailed a taxi and gave him the address to the resturant Louis had gone to. It was a good place to start. I watched out the window as Ohio went by. It reminded me of how Niall was. So clean cut but underneath it was sad and dirty and broken. I wasnt saying Niall was dirty in any way, mentally or hygenically, but the point was that Niall and the state of Ohio were much the same. Pretty on the outside but really torn inside. I looked around when the cab came to a stop. "Stay here for just a moment if thats alright?" "The meters running." I showed him my wallet full of cash. "I got it covered, just wait here please." He nodded staring at me in amazement. I jumped out of the cab and started looking around. I walked into the resturant and looked around. I didnt see her. I walked over to an employee. "Excuse me, miss." The young brunette turned to me. "Yes sir?" "Im looking for a girl. Red hair, about this high." I said showing her height. "She may look a bit homeless?" She gave a nod. "You must mean the young girl thats outside. She slept outside in her car. Didnt have the heart to make her leave. Bless the poor thing." She said as she turned back to the customer she'd been serving. "Obviously didnt have the heart enough to help the poor girl either," I snapped. She looked back to me with her eyebrows raised. "Bless your heart." I said giving her fake sad eyes before walking away. She gaped after me. I slammed the door on my way out and looked around the parking lot. I saw a head of red hair through the back window of a chevy. I walked over and tapped on the window. She jumped and rolled down the window. She got cranked it about halfway down before it stuck and she gave up. "I-uh-I wasnt doing anything illegal I swear-You-You're Liam Payne." She said in shock. I chuckled. "Yes Im here to talk with you. Why dont I take you out shopping for some new clothes to change into and rent us a hotel room? That way you can have a fresh shower and bed to sleep in tonight and I can have a quick word with you. I will cover the hotel bill, but I cant stay." She stared at me through the window. "Why would you do that?" I sighed. "Its about you, Niall, and that hat." And with that, she shoved open her door and jumped out.
She stared in the mirror at her new outfit and smiled. The light blue skinny jeans suited her well with the sandals and lighter purple shoulderless top. We had bought two more outfits for her, and I grabbed an extra when she wasnt looking and had it wrapped so it would be of use later. She smiled to me and I led her back to the taxi. We hopped in and he drove us to our hotel where I paid him. I smiled as he drove off. "When we get to our room, we can order food and then you can take a shower and eat when you finish. Sound good?" She giggled a bit, "Are you saying I smell, Payne?" "No, of course not. But Im sure a warm shower would be good for your nerves." She gave a smile. She was really cool. I'd learned a lot about this girl over the past hour. "Room for two?" I asked at the counter. The man looked from me to my company and smiled. "Of course. Good luck." He winked handing me a key. I backed up a bit. "Oh no, I-" "Its okay, your secrets safe with me." He assured me. I heard her giggle and she grabbed my hand. "Thanks mister!" "Be safe, dont have too much fun!" He chuckled. "We'll try!" She yelled pulling me to the elevator. Once in the elevator, we busted laughing. We shared a look and ending up laughing more. We came to a stop on the fifth floor and made our way to our room. We immediatly called room service and ordered a whole big buffet of food and she went off to shower.
Once she was finished and all refreshed she sat down at the table, looking about, not sure what to try first. Finally we both dug in and I explained our situation to her. "So Louis was put up to it?" I nodded. "He admit that our manager forced him to lie to Niall and yourself." "So...Niall still wants to see me?" She asked hopefully. I smiled to her. "Yes, of course. Niall's never felt the way he does with you and you two havent even met properly." She looked down smiling, blush rising to her cheeks. "I must be crazy because thats how I feel too. I mean I liked him too before this. But since that night...its different." I gave her a smile as I sat back in my chair. "Love at first sight is a strong bond. That doesnt surprise me." "Is that what you call it?" She asked curiously. I nodded and she smiled again. "So what am I going to do?" I reached into my pocket and put the ticket on the table sliding it toward her. "We're going to a party tonight and are allowed to have guests join us. You shall be my guest, Elizah." "Elizah, huh? Quick thinking." She smiled reaching for the ticket. She stopped. "But I dont have anything to wear to a party." "I got that covered, love. I left a gift bag with party clothes in it. Just give the ticket to the security and say you're Elizah Starr. I have to get going myself. A limo will be here at 8 to pick you up. You have four hours." I said standing. I began to walk toward the door. "Liam, wait!" She said jumping up. "Wha-?" I asked turning. She threw her arms around me and hugged me tight. "Thank you so much." She whispered. I just hugged her back until she let go. It felt natural to hug her. Not awkward. I felt like she would fit right in.




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