Love Is Like A Violin

Kayla Is a small town girl who always shows her wild side. Billy is a small town boy who seems mild but has a way a showing his own wild side. One day the two cross paths and feel something special for the first time but what happens when Kayla's Ex tries to keep them apart????????


1. When I first Saw Him

Kayla's POV

     They say love is like a violin. The music may stop but the strings remain forever. I don't understand this to well but I haven't exactly fallen in love. I thought I did but i realized i had wasted my time. Guys don't normally like me because I'm crazy wild and extremely weird. I understand it just stumps me how when I'm not like that guys still stay away. I have made my descision to wait at least a year before I start dating again. Who needs boys any way right.

     I decide to take a quick glance at the clock to check the time. "Oh shit I'm gonna be late for orchestra!" I yelled grabbing my violin and music before heading out to my car. I arrived at rehearsel just on time but when I walked in I noticed  some one that was holding a bass. I haven't seen him here before which means he must be new here.  I felt my heart race and my knees felt weak. Is this him?

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