Vampire One Direction

Beca meets people she thought she would never meet again


6. Transformation

Niall's POV

"Please don't do this."Beca cried "Don't worry the pain will be gone after a while." i said and then bit her neck. 

5 minutes Later*

"Now was that so hard." I said while Beca fell to the ground. I bit my wrist and fed her my blood and snapped her neck

Beca's POV

"Becky, Becky wake up."Niall said "What the Hell why does my mouth hurt."I said while rubbing my mouth."That's because your in Transformation." a unfamiliar voice said "I'm Harliegh, Zayn's Girlfriend and yes I'm a vampire." "I'm Kimmy they call me Kim, Louis's Girlfriend and i'm a human." "And i'm Catherine they call me Cat, Harry's Girlfriend and i'm a vampire." "Excuse me." i said while running to the bathroom and threw up. "Beca, you OK." Niall asked me "I keep throwing up blood." 

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