Hi, I'm Your Daughter

"Fourteen years ago, you and someone else had a baby. I am that baby." Rose has always been a foster kid. Because of heart issues when she was born, she was never adopted. That is, until she finds her birth parents. She just never expected them to be Louis Tomlinson and Eleanor Calder.


14. Alex's Mother

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Okay now for Chapter 14...



||| Harry and I met when Eleanor brought me with her to Louis and Harry's flat. I was sorta afraid of them truthfully. If paparazzi saw me coming out of there flat rumours would start about me dating one of the boys or sneaking around with Louis behind Eleanor's back, and I would never hear the end of it.  Walking in, Eleanor said hi to Louis and so did I. I have met Louis a couple of times before when I was at El's. then there he was. He was a god. His piercing green eyes, and the sexy hair. Oh god I went weak in the knees just looking at him. We locked eyes and that was the end of my innocence. Me and him were the secret It couple. I was always scared to go ahead and out to the public because of the fans. We always said we were Best friends. We were never classified as a couple in public even though it was obvious to anyone who looked at as. Sneaking out at night to go on romantic dates. Go skinny dipping in the secret lake behind the tree's. we had so much fun. Two great years together. Only we knew, plus the boys. Everything was perfect. Until the dreadful day that I got pregnant. I told him. He was happy. We would be a family. A happy one. A perfect one, except one thing that ruined it all. Management. They said we had to end it. That we couldn't just come out to the public. Fans would hate me, and even worse hate Harry. So they gave us two options. I leave and take the baby, never giving Harry a chance to know him or her. That was heart breaking, or I leave, have the baby, and give him or her to Harry and they say that it was his EX girlfriends baby, who tragically died in a car accident. Harry deserved his child. I would be able to see him right? I chose the second one. Nine months later I have birth to a beautiful baby boy. Alexander Braydon Styles. The only time I have seen him was birth, then he was taken form me forever. I have seen pictures that were sent to me. I miss my baby boy, both of them. I am determined to see him and his father, and possibly get them both back into my life. For good. |||   Harry downed another drink quickly, feeling it burn down his throat as he rubbed his forehead. 

 "Mate, you should slow down," said Niall concerned. 

 "She came back, why did she come back?" Niall shrugged at Harry's frantic ramblings.

"Wouldn't you come back to see your child?" asked Niall. Harry stayed quiet then and remembered back when she entered back into his life. 

||| There was a knock on the door. Harry yelled, "I'm coming!" and opened it. Standing before him was a woman with long golden dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She looked up at him, and crossed her arms.

"Hello, Harry," she said.|||

Harry groaned again. 

"Alex found her, you know. And apparently has been visiting her..." Harry couldn't say any more as he downed another drink. He didn't think Hailey entering his life again would be this difficult. She had left him, after she told him that she was a month pregnant. Management told him that she left him, for good. Harry was crushed. He thought maybe Hailey got rid of the baby, but eight months later, Management brought him a newborn baby named Alexander Braydon Styles, telling him that she wanted nothing to do with him or the baby. And that's what he had always thought. But, why was she back? If she wanted nothing to do with either of them, why was she back? Harry downed another. 

||| "Hailey?" Harry asked, surprised. He looked around and then whispered, "What are you doing here?" He was shocked. And even more so, he felt like someone had just stabbed him through the chest. 

"I'm here for my son," she said simply, stepping past Harry and into the foyer. Harry closed the front door behind him. 

"For your son?" he asked. She nodded her head and waited patiently.

"He doesn't even know that you're--"

"Alive?" she asked, raising an eyebrow.


"Obviously he does. He's been visiting me a couple of times, every weekend," she said. Harry raised his eyebrows.

"Every weekend?" he asked. Hailey turned to look at him.

"Yes, you didn't know?" she asked. 

"No...no I didn't. But Hailey you said that you wanted nothing to do with--" Harry started, but Hailey's phone beeped and she looked at the phone.

"Oh, it's Alex. He told me to wait in the car," she said. She smiled up at Harry just then, her smile still had that butterfly effect on him. 

"It was nice seeing you," she said quietly, and then she left. Alex was downstairs a few minutes later. He looked over at Harry and then at the door. Alex patted Harry's shoulder and then left, even though Rose was calling after him.|||

Harry downed another. 

"Really, mate, Louis' gonna kill me if you keep this up," said Niall, holding Harry steady on the chair. Harry turned towards Niall. 

"Maybe, maybe she didn't wantttt anyyyything to do with meeee but still wanteddd Aleeexxxx," slurred Harry. Niall looked at him concerned.

"Yeah, I'm gonna take you back home," Niall muttered, helping Harry up, "Louis made me promise I wouldn't take you out drinking again, and I already broke that promise..." 

"No! NO!" yelled Harry, holding onto the bar counter, making a ruckus. Niall peeled him off and dragged him home. 


Eleanor heard her phone ring but didn't pick it up. When she heard it ring again, she groaned and reached for it. 


"Hey El!" the voice exclaimed. Eleanor felt herself freeze.

"Hailey?" she asked.

"In the flesh...or well, I would be if you saw me face to face," Hailey's voice said. It had been eighteen years. Eighteen years since Eleanor had seen her. 

"Hailey! What are you--"

"I know. I'm not supposed to have any contact. But Alex, he found me. It took a while, but he finally found me. What was I supposed to do? Reject him? It's not like I gave him up voluntarily," Hailey said, her voice sounding exactly the same. It was as if no time had passed.

"Um, that's exactly what you did," said Eleanor. Hailey was silent.

"What do you mean that's what I did?" 

"You gave up Alex voluntarily," said Eleanor, feeling a little suspicious. 

"No...I didn't..." Hailey sounded confused and then realization filled her voice, "Oh."

"What?" asked Eleanor. 

"I have to go," her voice sounded cold. And then there was silence. She hung up. 

"Hello? Hailey??" Eleanor called into the phone but to no avail. 

"Who was that?" asked Louis, leaning against the doorframe. Eleanor looked up, her face pale as if she had just seen a ghost. 

"That was Hailey.... Harry was right. She's back." 


A/N: Sorry for the short chapter!! And there's no Rose/Eli or Rose/Alex in this. It's about Hailey and Harry, this chapter. The user is Hailey Laken Payne so you should check out her stories. They're actually pretty popular anyway. Thanks for reading!! You guys are amazing!! <3


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