Don't Forget Me

Growing up in a orphanage isnt copletly bad when yo have the best freind ever. but when you get adopted and he runs away, well thats not so fun. So your only choice is to run far away from this horrible family and try to find the one and only person who was ever there for you. Lets just hope he hasn't forgoten.


3. We meet again

Leo's Pov

I had been running for what seemed like forever. I even got a bike and rode for like three days srtraight. I was wandering som e where in new mexico when i was caught by a truant officer. He took me to some Wilderness school where i had to stay. I walked up to a girl and a guy.

The girl imediatly said, "Hi Im Piper!"

then the guy (who i later foung out wasnt actually there) said. " Jason, and you are?"

" Im Leo. Its nice to meet you." From then on  hung out with those two, but i never forgot Kayla.

Kayla's Pov

I lost Leo's trail and just started to basicly hitch hike up north and to the east. I had a feeling dragging me to new york. I Walked for weeks and some times if id found some money, id get a cab. When i finnaly got to new york i took one final cab but these ladies just took me right to this hill. I walked to the other side of the hill. I walked down to the Big blue house to check it out. I talked to a man in a wheel chair who told me my father was a greek god. The man turned out to be a centar named Chiron. He told me there were three people going on a quest and that it couldnt hurt for me to join them. 

"Who are the three people?" I asked him.

"Jason and Piper." he said.

"Thats only two."

"Oh ya and Leo."



I almost just died. Did he just say Leo Valdez?

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