Don't Forget Me

Growing up in a orphanage isnt copletly bad when yo have the best freind ever. but when you get adopted and he runs away, well thats not so fun. So your only choice is to run far away from this horrible family and try to find the one and only person who was ever there for you. Lets just hope he hasn't forgoten.


5. Tears.

Leo's Pov 

That night at the camp fire we had to meet the new girl. All the people were gathered by cabin except Jason Piper and I. We sat in the fron row of seats in the ampitheater.

"Well young Warriors," Chiron anounced."I would like you to meet the new child of Apollo."

"Hi..." I herd a VERY framileir voice call from the Apollo section. 

"well dont just sit there go up next to Chiron." Wil shoved a girl forward. but i didnt catch her face.

She walked forward trying to avoid looking in my diretion.

She steped next to chiron, whirrled forward, and looked me dead in the eyes. "Hi Leo."

Kayla's Pov

"Hi Leo."

He just stared at me.

" did you...did they hurt you for what i did.?" That was all he could manage.

I burst into tears ran up to him and hugged him. then i mummbled loud enough for only him to hear."Im not leting you get away this time."

He started crying. "Im sorry. I just i couldnt take being your brother. I love you. if we were siblings we wouldnt be able to have  an 'us'."

Ijust stared at him. tears still streaming down my face. "I didnt forget."

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