Don't Forget Me

Growing up in a orphanage isnt copletly bad when yo have the best freind ever. but when you get adopted and he runs away, well thats not so fun. So your only choice is to run far away from this horrible family and try to find the one and only person who was ever there for you. Lets just hope he hasn't forgoten.


4. Getting close

Leo's Pov.

I saw a new girl walk into the bg house and thought she lookedd sort-of framiler. but hey i only saw her from a far. I walked over to a bench and sat next to Jason. The piper walked up and and we started talking about the quest. Chiron trotted up and told us some news.

"Well you three. You will be taking another Girl on your trip to save Hera."

"Who?" Piper asked.

He just looked at me. "A Girl."

"Bu-" She was cut off by Jason.

"Pipes i dont tink hes gunna tell us."

Kayla's Pov.

"So,Now i just go to the cabin for a day then go on some dangerous quest and possibly get killed?That'll be fun!"I asked in my best sarcastic voice.

"Gods you've spent way too muchtime toether." My half brother Will said.

"with who?" i aksed

"Never mind"

I walked out side the cabin and saw Chiron Talking to Leo and two other kids. 'Probobly Jason and Piper.' I thought. I decided o go to the wepory and pick up a bow and lots of arrows.Later that day I had to officially meet the camp. I cant wait to see Leo's face.

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