Over Again

Kayla and Harry were best friends until Harry got famous, and Kayla was left alone. Three years later Kayla gets a call from harry for the first time since he joined One Direction. He wants her to sing in the next album. Will Kayla want to see Harry after he left her alone? What will happen to Harry when Kayla starts dating someone else?


2. The Call.

*3 years later, in new york city*


"AAAARGGHH!!!!" I flew my hand across my bedside table to turn off my alarm clock. 

"mmmgghh"the sound came out of my mouth as i buried my face in my one direction pillow case. 'i should probably get up.' i thought to myself. slowly dragging myself out of bed i looked at the time. 6:49. great, i will just get dressed, eat breakfast, brush my teeth, then run. i've been trying this new workout schedule which, sadly, has me getting up at 6:45 four times a week to run. I got dressed in my spandex, running shorts, sports bra, running tee, tennis shoes, and of coarse to finish it off a ponytail. I groggily walked out of my bedroom and into my small apartment kitchen. Im pretty lucky actually because my running would have been five times a week but i have classes at 7:45 on the other days. After some scrambled eggs and toast i walked into the bathroom, then stared at myself in the mirror for a few seconds. I am really spacey when i first wake up so this running thing is hard for me. I brushed my teeth then washed my face with a damp cloth and first "Cetaphil daily face cleanser" and then "Neutrogena oil free acne stress control" i grabbed my iphone and arm phone holder thingy and headed out the door of my fifth floor apartment. I took the elevator down, said hi to tracy the front deskman and walked out the door. i started at a fast walk while i put my earbuds in. at the traffic light i set my phone on shuffle and started to jog. i decided to go through central park, stop at Allisons, the coffee shop i am in love with, then go back home. 

"Your hand fits in mine like its made just for me, but bear this in mind it was, meant to be," I hummed lightly to the band i loved as i passed a duck pond. You could say im a directioner. Three years ago, my friend harry went on the x-factor and got third place in a band called One Direction. You may have heard of them. Since then harry has sent me PLENTY of One Direction merchandise, but we never really talk anymore. I dont think we have even talked on the phone or texted in the past two years. He was busy doing his music and i was busy looking at colleges and moving to new york. 

The early morning fog surrounded my home away from home, Allison's coffee and pastries. I walked in and heard the familiar sound of jingling coming from the top of the door. I loved how this place put a christmas tree in the corner and hung stars from the ceiling during the holidays. 

"Hey Kayla." Allison herself said as a walked in the warmth of the cafe. 

"Hi Allison. The usual please." I walked over to the bar and sat down.

"Workout?" Allison asked as she grabbed a cup and walked over to the coffee machine. 


"Here ya go" I paid and put cream in my coffee. getting up at 6:45 probably isn't that early for some people but my high school started at 8:45 so i would wake up at like 8:00. after i finished my coffee i headed out the door and started to jog again. suddenly my music turned off and my phone started to ring.

I got to it on the fourth ring. "Hello?"

"Hi Kayla its Harry. How are you?" I stopped running and blanked suddenly. Harry was calling?

"Harry? Omigosh its been three years!" I practically yelled into the phone speaker. 

"Yeah, i know. Anyway, i was wondering if you might want to be featured in some cover songs in our new album?" 

"Oh.... uh, singing?" i was shocked. Harry wanted me to sing? of all people he wanted me?

"yes, singing." he responded.

"Um, im not sure i can afford to fly to london or wherever you guys are right now. I just work at an ice-cream parlor." 

"Dont worry about it, if you say yes and tell us your adress, the tickets will be there tomorrow and you will record, stay in my house until tour, which you will go on with us, ALL payments covered. Oh, and you would get payed just as much as us."

wow. thats alot of money.

"Okay harry i will do it." i said with a sigh. what am i getting myself into.

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