Over Again

Kayla and Harry were best friends until Harry got famous, and Kayla was left alone. Three years later Kayla gets a call from harry for the first time since he joined One Direction. He wants her to sing in the next album. Will Kayla want to see Harry after he left her alone? What will happen to Harry when Kayla starts dating someone else?


4. Harry's House

When we got to harrys house all i could think about was how big it was. Seriously. Im not talking 'big.' Im talking HUGE FLIPIN MANSION. 

"aaand this is your room for now." Harry said as he swung the door open and revieled the gigantic room in front of me.

"Thanks Harry" i spun around and looked at him. 

"Your welcome. Sleep tight." he smiled and closed the door. i sat on my bed and took out my one direction pajamas (like i said, harry sent me lts of stuff). I changed and sat on my bed again. i heard a knock on the door. 

"Come in!" the door opened and Niall walked in.

"Eh, you left this in the car." He handed me my phone. oh no.

"I like your case." aaand he noticed my niall horan phone case. that harry didnt buy me, i got it from the mall.

"Oh, uh thanks" i could feel my face getting hot. he stood there and then walked out. i sighed and laid down on the queen sized bed, pulling up the covers to my chin and closing my eyes.

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