Over Again

Kayla and Harry were best friends until Harry got famous, and Kayla was left alone. Three years later Kayla gets a call from harry for the first time since he joined One Direction. He wants her to sing in the next album. Will Kayla want to see Harry after he left her alone? What will happen to Harry when Kayla starts dating someone else?


1. Flashback

"Good luck, Harry" I said as i gave my best friend a huge hug. This morning I woke up and cried a little bit. The clock on my bedside table said April 11, 2010. Today my only friend, Harry Styles, was going off on the X-Factor. He would be absent from school for as long as he was still in the show. So i would be completely alone. Sure, I have my parents and... well my sister stays in her room pretty much all day and hates my guts so, yeah, I have my parents. My social life is pretty sad. I have Harry, who i am thankful for, but other than that i am a complete loner at school. Honestly i am surprised Harry stayed with me this long. I am ugly, have boring brown hair, am as tall as a sixth grader, wear walmart clothes and, of coarse there has been PLENTY of acne involved in the past few years. Harry, on the other hand, has gorgeous brown curls, perfect green eyes (unlike my mucky green ones), is normal height, and could EASILY be one of the popular kids. 

"Thanks Kayla!" Harry said. At first i thought he had read my thoughts or something but then i realized he was just responding to what i had told him moments earlier.

"Remember, if anyone even says a word thats not something nice, call me and i will beat them up." Harry said with a stern face. People dont necessarily like me at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School. 

"I will." I hugged him one last time before he walked on stage. His family and i were wearing "We think Harry has the X-Factor" t-shirts. Harry finished the audition with three yes's. Harry and i used to perform in the school talent show and be in the choir group and sing karaoke together in his living room. He really wanted me to audition with him but i have stage fright so i told him that we would still see each other after but  dont want to audition. Harry got very far in the x-factor. He got in a group with some other lads his age and they got 3rd place. but after that he was gone. he bought a house and they made an album. and that was it.

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