Hey guys, so I wanted to try the 'Inspired by a song' contest when I read the info and found out that you need to use a pre-approved song. So, I decided against it because I want to use a song called 'Echo' by Jason Walker. I found this song out when I was reading Dangerous love by Cupquake earlier today. I ended up buying on my phone because it personally has a lot of meaning to me, so I hope you all like this story.


1. Prologue

I'm broken. I'm scared. I'm tired of fighting who I am, a freak, a werewolf. My name's Bellus. It's latin for pretty, ironic how I'm the complete opposite. I have never told a soul what I am, and I move a lot for a reason. I have white blonde hair and eyes that are so dark, they look black, a contrast that shocks people when they meet me. Some say I look like an angel, they clearly don't know me. I am alone, the only friend I have is my shadow. The only voice that responds to me is my echo. I try to pretend I'm alright, but I know its not true. Nothing is enough. When I was 16, a creature attacked me when I was walking in my woods. Now I'm 18 and nothing about me has changed except my personality. I am antisocial and obsessed with the woods. I have no family, I left when I realized what I was. And I'll never change, I am immortal. I cannot become attached because I'll just have to leave again.  

Coming soon…

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