Addison is 17, her best friend/sister Kayla is also 17. They move to a new town and a new school. A new beginning. But everything gets so complicated when five hot boys, start noticing them (1D not famous).


2. Schoooool and Stuff😜

After the hour ceremony, we go to our second period class, math for me and science for Kayla. I walk to math, my hood up and ear buds in. I take one out while the teacher says,"sit anywhere you like." I take a seat in the very back corner. Yay, I'm alone!!:). Anyway, Im the first to class. 

      But as time ticks by, more and more people come in. But the last to class are... The five mystery boys. They are all in this class with me. I pull my hood up over my head more and scrunch in my chair. Hoping they don't look at me. But when I look up I see that one of then say in front of me, and another sat beside me. Dammit. 

      But the other guys are near them. Ugh. This gunna be bad. The one in front of me is talking to the one beside me. The one in front has a mess if curly hair, the one beside me has brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. Ahhhhhhh. I pull my hood up and try to hide myself. 

      "What's your name love?" I hear. IF YOU DON'T HEAR IT IT'S NOT TRUE. I say in my head, trying to block them out. But he taps my shoulder. It's the one in front of me. I look up, and say,"Addison." Quietly. And then put my head back down. He taps on my shoulder again, and when I look back he pushed my hoodie off my head. I gasp. "I'm harry." He winks. "Keep the hood down so we can see your pretty face." Yeah right.

       I scoot the desk back a few inches and put my hood back up. And put my head phones in. Just block them out, Addison. Just block them out. But then someone taps on my shoulder again. I look up slightly and see the one beside me leaning towards me. I'm getting pissed. Can you not see I don't want to talk to you guys? "My name is Zayn." He smile and says,"Sorry for bothering you but Harry is right, keep your hood down, won't you love?" He asks. "Uhm... How about no..?" I say. 

        Zayn laughs and says,"Why not?" He asks. "I don't like people." I say and throw my hoodie back over my head. I put my head down. I almost fall asleep. I look up and see the teacher, uh.. Mr. Johnson I think. "You sleep well?" He asks. Everyone is staring at me. "Actually I did, thanks for asking." I smile and wait. "Okay. You can sleep in detention." He says. "Thanks." I say and sit back in my chair. 

        Harry smiles at me and says," guess what?, we have detention too." He smirks. Really?! Really?! OMG. I can't sit in detention with them for an hour. Shit!! Ugh. I roll my eyes, put my hood back on and earphones in until I fall asleep.

       I wake up when someone whispers," wake up, beautiful. Class is over." I sit up and lock eyes with Harry. He smiles and I look down. He is kneeling beside my desk. I grab my back and stand up, trying to get out of this hell hole. "Leaving so soon?" He asks. "Well, duh, I have to get to class, dumbass." I say. Trying to get around him, but he will not move.

     "I'll move if you kiss me." He says. Uhm? EExcuse me? Are you Channing tatum? No. "Sure." I say, leaning in and then jumping over the desk beside me and running out of class. Sucker.

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