Slave for you

Gemma is an ordinary girl until she stumbles onto a job in a palace, she ends up being a made for the prince James. The unlucky thing is; she's falling in love with him while he looks on her as a servant


5. The morning after

Gemma's P.O.V

WHOA. James was pacing up down his room, running his hands through his soft brown curled hair. When he was stressed I noticed, he'd run his hair through his hands and mess up his hair. Any other time it was perfect. He looked down at me,

"Morning Gemma" James said in his morning raspy voice. Wow. He was even hotter in the morning. 

"H-Hey" I said stuttering again (note to self: STOP MUMBLING AND STUTTERING!)

"Goddamn it Gemma can you not stop stuttering for 5 minutes?!" 

Realising my position as his maid; and bringing myself back to sanity I replied,

"My apologies, SIR" Placing emphasis on the word Sir just so he remembers I am here to work, not for anything else. Even though it disappointed me to say it, it was the truth, however much it hurt. 

"Gemma" James said his voice soft

"Don't." I ssid bluntly only because I was so close to tears. I picked up the pieces of my broken heart but I got on with my maid duties and he didn't bother to follow me

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