Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


14. Understanding

     "Do you remember Lindsey?" Harry asks me. I shake my head, I don't know a Lindsey...

     "Well, she came round about seven months ago, and she... well she basically broke Liam. Liam only cuts himself because he wants sympathy from someone and no one will give it to him. He will get you, treat you like you're his 'princess' and then after he gets in your pants, he dumps you. Or sells you, whatever he wants." 

     Was I wrong this whole time? Was my mind just playing tricks on me. I knew I wanted to forget, and then remember a little bit. I didn't want to change, and then I wanted to start all over. Start new. That didn't happen. I'm back where I was before, everything is just so much more complicated.

     "What do you mean he sells them?" He doesn't answer. My voice drops to a whisper, "Harry, does Liam sell innocent girls as..." I don't have to finish. Harry nods and I'm at a loss for words. I don't notice I'm crying until Harry wipes away a tear.

     "The only person you're safe with, is Louis." I just cry harder and I can't breathe. Maybe I do love Louis, maybe I just need a little time to see how much I love him. And I can do that. Maybe me and Liam are the same, we both just wanted to feel something right away and since we couldn't feel it with the person we wanted to feel it with, we chose each other.

     "I need some time to think, I'm not official or anything with Liam so it'll be okay if I just stay away, right?"

     "Right. You done with that?" Harry asks trying to ease the tension. I shake my head and take another sip of my drink, ordering a very large cookie while I'm at it.

     "Wanna split it with me?" I offer Harry half the cookie and he gratefully takes it. I laugh at the amount of food this boy can eat and before I know it, we're heading back to the Nando's to get the boys. 

     "Liam, can I talk to you in private?" I ask the boy wearing a purple 'Adidas' sweatshirt and skinny jeans. He nods and we walk away from the rest of the boys.

     "I need time, I... I only walked into your room because I had no where else to go. I'm sorry, I can still help you. I can still be there for you, but not as a girlfriend. You need someone else for that, okay?" 

     "I understand. You're right. I told Zayn I was attracted to you and he told Louis and you know Louis, he just wants to help. If I need you, I promise I'll talk to you." He smiles and kisses my forehead. I thank him and we walk back to the boys.

     For the first time in a long time, I actually feel okay. I actually feel like everything might be okay in the end.

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