Remembering the Past

Twenty year old Scarlet Mason is a girl who tried forgetting everything when she thought the famous Louis Tomlinson was ruining her life. When she tried forgetting, so did he. She moved to Oregon and Louis continued with his band. When he ends up touring from West to East, will they run into each other again?


17. Black Out

Louis POV

     I see Scarlet laying on the ground sobbing, she begins to shake when she sees me and I rush over to her, picking her up. She looks like she's about to pass out so I pull the tape off of her mouth, trying to help her breath. 

     "I think she needs CPR..." Zayn says quietly behind me. He's right, when I look for Scar's pulse, it's getting more and more faint. I don't want to take any chances if this is the only thing I can do right now, it's what I'm going to do. I don't want to wait and see if she wakes up or not. 

     I push on her chest a little before pressing my lips to hers, trying to put oxygen back into her body. She didn't pass out because she was scared, she passed out from lack of oxygen.

     She begins to breath and then she's gasping for air. She doesn't open her eyes but keeps whispering no.

     "Shh, it's just me, calm down..." I say softly hoping to calm her down.

     "Louis?" She opens her eyes.

     "Yes darling?" She's still tied up and I motion for Harry to come and help with that. Liam and Zayn just stay quiet in the back. "Liam, Zayn, go get Niall out of the elevator." They nod and rush out of the room.

     "Niall's stuck in the elevator?" she asks.

     "Yeah, he's the one who called us because he could hear you screaming..." 

     She begins to cry again and I can barely hear her, but I know she said it, "I was so scared Louis. He tried to touch me. He hurt me when he tied me."

     "Harry and I are going to try and fix that for you, okay?" She nods and shrieks a little when Harry pulls out his pocket knife. But he keeps her calm by looking at her when he sets the blade on the rope wrapped around her legs. She sighs and nods once again. I move behind her and take her hair into my hands. I can't believe he did this to her. I run my fingers through the strands of brown hair that aren't wrapped up and her voice startles me.

     "How bad is it?" she questions.


     "My hair, Louis, will you be able to get the tape off?" she sounds like she's on the verge of tears again and I tell her that I'm going to try. I see where the tape ends and I slowly begin to pull that piece back and notice there's about three layers of tape. I mentally curse and pull off the first two layers. When I get to the last layer that is actually on her hair I speak once more.

     "Scarlet, this might hurt a bit..." my voice trails off and I see Harry throw the ropes that were on her wrists to the side and come to help me. 

     "I'll hold this part of her hair so it doesn't tug on the roots too much," Harry says placing his overly large palm on the portion of  her hair above the tape. Of course he would know that...

     As I pull the hair she hisses a bit but I manage to get it off with only about ten pieces of hair permanently stuck to the tape. She jumps up right away and so do Harry and I, she hugs us both at the same time and Harry chuckles.

     "Thank you." She smiles up at us and as we exit the stairs I'm actually surprised no one else came down the steps, wouldn't they have noticed the elevator was broken? Then again, this hotel wasn't too crowded. 

     "OUR FRIEND IS STUCK IN THERE NOW GET HIM OUT!" Zayn shouts at the receptionist. Liam sees us and smiles then walks over. He pulls something out of his pocket and hands them to Scarlet. 

     "Here, you might want put these on," he says while  placing a pair of black sunglasses over her red, puffy eyes.

     "Sir, we are trying our best to fix the problem," the lady at the front desk says. That's when I notice Zayn's wearing a hoodie and sunglasses as well. 

     "DO YOU EVEN KNOW WHO'S IN THERE?!" he shouts again. Scarlet jumps backwards into my chest, startled at Zayn's volume. 

     "Sorry," she mumbles.

     "Yes, sir. I know, your friend is in there." 

     "Okay, thanks for letting me know. Do you know who I am?" he takes off his sunglasses and pulls his hood down. "I'm Zayn Malik. Niall Horan is stuck in that elevator and I think it's best you begin to work on that elevator now. Or maybe I can go get Paul to talk to the manager..." As soon as Zayn turns his back, the woman gasps and picks up her phone. 

     "No need to do that sir... I'll call the hotel mechanics now." Not thirty seconds after she sets her phone down, two men in what look like janitor outfits rush out to the elevator, removing the panel and getting to work. 

     "You all are truly the nicest people I know," Scarlet speaks as Zayn walks over.

     "We are, if Zayn keeps his temper down," Liam jokes and we all begin to laugh. 

     Niall finally walks out of the elevator and runs over to us picking up Scarlet. 

     "Let's go get some Nando's, yeah?" he asks her and she giggles and nods. That giggle. That giggle will be the death of me. 



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