summer love

emily moves to doncaster in the united kingdom for the summer she just needs to get away from her problems and find out who she is but when she gets exepted into a music school will she leave louis and take a once in a lifetime offer?


5. the concert

Ive never been to a concert before so i was really exited i ran out of the coffee shop and to my apartment it didnt take as long as it did to get there cause i legitly ran to my apartment i opened my door and skipped to the closet i decided to wear white shorts with a cheetah print tank top and white biker jacket with leather boots i looked on the ticket to see where the concerets at its on the other side of Doncaster so i figured i would take a cab i looked at my phone it was 7:50 so i went to the bathroom curled my hair and put on some make up i looked iin the mirrior and was pleased with how i looked so i locked my apartment door and walked out of the lobby. Thats when i saw Louis "hello love i was on my way to the concert when there wasnt any cars here exept for kerrs so i figured you didnt have one and that i would take you to the concert" oh well thank you but i figured i would just call a cab he chuckled before saying "there are no cabs in doncaster" oh well yah know im knew here "obviously well come on" he opened the door and i got in it was a nice car i figured it was expensive considering it was black and shiny plus it had a ford mustang sighn on the door. He shut my door and got in on the other side he glanced over me before saying you look buetifull love " thanks " anytime he said with a smirk. we made small talk for about 15 minutes then we arrived there it was a big arena i was just about to get out of the car until he said "wait" he put on a gray beenie and sunglasses then said ok lets go he grabed my hand and led me through tons of screaming girls until we got into the arena there where already tons of girls in there he led me to my seat which was in the front row he looked at me with a smile and said enjoy the show " im sure i will" after about 10 minutes the arena filled up and the lights went off oh here we go i said sarcasticly cause all the girls started screaming then out came all 5 of the boys (skip to middle of the concert) when the song kiss you goes off they go over and take a quick water brake louis sits down his water and walks over to the edge of the stage and scans over the croud finally his eyes lock with mine and he motions me to go up on stage usally i dont get scared in front of big crouds but in front of thousands and thousands of people is a different story.  i finally got the courage to walk up there and when i did louis grabed my hand and led me to the middle of the stage where all the boys are now standing louis picks up a michrophone and says "hello everyone" all of the girls start going crazy just cause he said hello after about a minute or two of screaming things sorta quite down he puts the michrophone back up to his face and says "this is emily and i would like to dedicate this song to her" i start to here some music and then suddenly i know what song it is so i start to blush like alot                                                             


(Zayn)"The one that i came with she had to go

but you look amazing standing alone

(Liam)so cmon cmon (Louis)move a little closer now" when he said that he pulled me closer and i blushed a little more. As you know that was the song c'mon c'mon and at the end we where now chest to chest when he slowly leaned in and kissed me then he moves to my ear and wispers why dont you wait for us backstage "i just nodded cause i couldnt say anything" all of the girls where screaming really loud now.I slowly walked backstage cause i had no idea what just happened when i got there everyone stared and pointed so i went over to the corner of the room and sat down i probably looked liked a freak cause i just sat there with my mouth open the whole time cause i just kissed louis freakin tomlinson "close your mouth love you might catch flies" said a british accent i looked up and it was louis "oh shut up" "HAHA" "is the concert over already i said with a confused look on my face "yea it ended like 5 minutes ago anyways me and the boys are gonna go get something to eat wanna come" sure!


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