summer love

emily moves to doncaster in the united kingdom for the summer she just needs to get away from her problems and find out who she is but when she gets exepted into a music school will she leave louis and take a once in a lifetime offer?


1. The Big news

Hey mom i said as i walked through the front door watcha up too? oh hey em my mom said with an exited expression her face i sent those applications out to NYMA (NEW YORK MUSICAL ACADEMY) she lookedat me with a grin on her face oh honey i know you will make it "i hope" well anyway me and your father have some exiting news for you "what?" suddenly my brother bursts through and asked yea what? jake you know its rude to eas drop i said to my nine year old brother who was now giving me the puppy dog face i looked at him and said ok just dont do it again alright? "alright" i heard dad come through the front door he must have just gotten off work.I looked at my mom and said now will you please tell me she looked at my dad and said dan get over here he put down hid duit case and walked over to mom "okay honey we are sending you to doncaster in the united kingdom so you can achieve your dreams!" my jaw droped i was so exited " oh my Goodness thank you so much when does the plane leave? tomorrow at 8:00am i was so exited i ran upstairs and started getting packed as i was packing i started to think about how much i was going to miss my family and friends but it was just for the summer right?



                                                                               Authors Note:

                                              Hey guys please let me know what you think of the first

                                              chapter XOXO -Gabby

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