summer love

emily moves to doncaster in the united kingdom for the summer she just needs to get away from her problems and find out who she is but when she gets exepted into a music school will she leave louis and take a once in a lifetime offer?


3. Getting settled in

Mam Mam "we have now landed in doncaster" Oh ok, I must have been asleep longer than what i thought considering the flight attendent had to wake me up but who could blame me i was tired you would be to if you woke up at about 6:30. I quickly grabed my luggage and got off the plane i didnt really think about transpirtation so i figured i would walk my apartment was only about 8 blocks away from the airport which might seem like alot for some people but im used to it considering i would walk the track everyday after school plus i like walking it gives me a chance to think about stuff like how my dad never comes home the only reason he was home yesterday was to say goodbye oh well i guess it could be much worse. After a while of walking i came upon a small apartment but i gues it would do i walked to the front desk and got my key that says room 42. i walk up the stairs and get to my room i slowly turn the door nob and took a peek it would do it had a little kitchen and bathroom with a living room and a tiny flat screen tv "well home sweet home i guess" i thought i would have to sleep on the couch but when i closed th door their was a intrance to a tiny bedroom with a bed closet and desk "thank goodness" i grabed my suit case and rolled it into the bedroom and put my clothes in the closet after i was done i looked at the clock it was only 1:00 so i decided to go to a coffee shop i think i seen one while i was walking here.



                                                                                      AUTHORS NOTE:

                                                           hey guys im not really sure if anyone is even reading my book

                                                            so PLEASE COMMENT!!!!!!! XOXO-Gabby

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