I am only 17

Vanessa is a mom, student, girlfriend , and a directioner. She was raped my her ex-boyfriend and had a little girl named Taylor. She is in her last year of college and she is with her new boyfriend Christen, and she's only 17! One day her best friend Emily invites her to a One direction concert! And being she is a huge directioner she accepts! But happens when she falls in love in with Niall, and he ask her go on tour with them? Will she leave her life behind to start a new one, or stay with her family?


5. meet taylor....

Vanessa POV: I have yet to talk to Christen about Niall...what would he say anyways. Never mind that , how do I feel.. I mean I dreamt of this happening, without a kid. How am I going to tell him.."I have daughter" No that's weird..Do I even have feelings for Niall? Of course, how could I not, especially after the way he looked into my eyes  yesterday. I will probably have to tell the story... I hate that story.(on how she was rapped and Taylor) I quickly get Taylor ready, I put a cute little pink flower dress on her and black baby flats. I do two pigtails and sit her on the couch while I get ready. Having Taylor is so hard I never have time for myself I think as I curl my hair. I put on a little bit of makeup on and throw on a green crop top and my white jean shorts, with my dark green vans to match my top. I'm so nervous, he probably won't even want to go on the date with me when he sees Taylor. "mommy, pretty'', taylor says. At least I have her. I hear knock on the door...I walk to get the door nervously...



Niall's POV: I wonder who she is bringing..? I just can't wait to see Vanessa's beautiful hazel eyes and long caramel brown hair. She gives me goosebumps just thinking about her. I arrive at her apartment and knock on the door. I do a quick outfit check. Blue jeans and red shirt, perfect. She opened the door, my jaw dropped she looked AMAZING, I hated to stare but she is beautiful. " Hey, Niall", She said. My cheeks turned pink I can't believe I just stood there.."Hello, Vanessa you look amazing"

"thanks" I made her blush

"are you ready?'' I asked her

"ya..let me get taylor..."

TAYLOR..what? She then grabbed the cutest little girl, she babysits that good!(or that's what I thought)

"You babysit that's awesome" I said

"No, Taylor is my daughter"

"your daughter?''

She has a daughter that means she has a boyfriend! I can't believe this!

"so where is your boyfriend?" I said with a bit of an edge.

"I don't have one, I was raped by my ex, and 9 months later I had taylor." she said holding back tears.

"who is dat mommy?" the little girl named taylor squealed.


"I'm Niall" I said tickling taylor.

I saw a smile grow on Vanessa's face

Taylor reached her arms outs to me and Vanessa handed her to me. Taylor looked so much like Vanessa. "She's like a mini you" I chuckled to Vanessa.

"Ya,if your ready we can go, let me grab Taylor's car seat really fast though.''

"ok" I stood there alone with taylor she was giggling. Now I was sure I was in love with Vanessa.

In the car she told all about her ex and how she is going through a really rough time. I felt so bad, she began to cry I wiped the tear away and said," Don't cry your safe with me"

"YAYAY" Taylor screamed. We both couldn't help but laugh.



Vanessa's POV: Niall understood so well, he gave me butterflies and said all the right things, Taylor even liked him. By the time we got the restaurant Tay was fast asleep."Ready beautiful" His husky Irish accent said. We ate at a small local diner, we talked for ages. I didn't want this date to end. Niall suddenly asked a question I only dreamed on him asking........


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