I am only 17

Vanessa is a mom, student, girlfriend , and a directioner. She was raped my her ex-boyfriend and had a little girl named Taylor. She is in her last year of college and she is with her new boyfriend Christen, and she's only 17! One day her best friend Emily invites her to a One direction concert! And being she is a huge directioner she accepts! But happens when she falls in love in with Niall, and he ask her go on tour with them? Will she leave her life behind to start a new one, or stay with her family?


10. Chapter

Vanessa's POV:
Niall was about to ask me something and he took a deep breath..and began to choke..Taylor had woken up and was laughing at him everyone...and starring..oh gosh this will be all over the media! "Niall are you okay? You scared me!" 
"Yay, just a fly...anyways I was going to ask you something.. If that's ok"
"Ya go head but maybe we should do this outside people are starring"
I picked Taylor up and carried her outside while Niall payed the bill I offered to pay but he refused to let me...men. As we are walking there is about 5 minutes of awkward silence when Niall just comes out and ask me "Will you and Taylor come on tour with me?" 

Niall POV: 
We walked in awkward silence for a good five minutes..until I built up the courage to ask Vanessa if she would come on tour with me...she looked at me with her beautiful hazel eyes and said........

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