Stalker becomes Hunted

No one goes near her. Not unless they want their arms chopped off (and I assure you it would not be pleasant...). Xyliar only has one family member... her brother. But they lead less than normal lives. Others live in fear of the demonic creatures that haunt the darkness in the night, but then you have the hunters. They turn the stalker into their prey.
She finds it oddly difficult to accept other people, but who needs other people? Who needs anyone? All she needs is the katana at her hip and the murderous hatred of those who prey on the weak and vulnerable.


12. Truth revealed

The kodachi swung through the air in an elegant ark clashing with Varian’s own curved blade.

            “Come on, more feeling!” The boss said, laughing. The boy chuckled and slashed the sword again. “That one was close-”

            “Boss!” Varian turned distractedly to the boy shouting at him, his curiosity almost lost him his arm as Zenith swung towards him again. “It’s Xyliar! She’s attacked some people!” He said, catching up with the two. Varian dodged the kodachi just in time and couldn’t help a grin at the fact he could still move that quickly.

            “Xyliar?!” Zenith exclaimed, not bothering to apologise to Varian.

            “Oh… Zenith I didn’t see you there.” The boy said, the boss’s sparring partner recognised him as Elrick, his distinctive bright blond hair and bright green eyes made him very recognisable.

            “Yeah… so Elrick? Where was she seen, maybe I could help you…” The boy said to the blond hopefully. Elrick glanced uncertainly at Varian, who was watching our awkward conversation with a raised eyebrow. 

            “Go on, he is the only one who can talk her round anything…” The boss said, his lip twitching. “Little Zenith can be manipulative though.” He added. Zenith blushed slightly, so they’d seen through that. “We’ll find her and bring her straight to you, who will be safely out of the way in your room, okay?”

            “Yeah… okay.” With that Zenith turned and marched towards the stairs. When he was safely out of sight he began to make his way down the stairs. Towards where his sister was rumoured to be.




She stalked onwards like a cat hunting it’s unfortunate prey. The katana at her hip clinked against her side irritatingly so she slid it out again and readied herself again. She was getting further up now, the windows beside her were becoming more open and she could see out into the fields ahead of the towering hill. She was about a floor above ground level by the look of it; there were many floors to go until she arrived at her room.


Footsteps echoed down the wooden stairs making Xyliar tense and hold her blade at the ready. A boy with sleek black hair, mossy green eyes and vaguely Asian features came down her flight of stairs. In his hands he held a kodachi, its sleek form glinting in the sunlight.

            “Zenith…” She said, slightly confused.

            “Heya!” He said casually, grinning. “Look at us, newly fledged escapers.”

            “I was coming up for you…” Xyliar said to her brother, scowling coldly.

            “Do I get a hug?”

            “If you don’t want legs.” Some people might have laughed at that, but Zenith knew she was completely serious so he didn’t risk it. Xyliar did wish she hadn’t blocked out her brother as well as everyone else, but it was hard trying to embrace the company of others… She was a killing machine; friends and family were certainly not needed for things like she did.

            “I do, so…” He stopped and grinned.

            “What’s with that little stubby kodachi? New sword?”

            “Yeah, Varian gave it to me.” Zenith said, glancing at the blade in his hands. “I almost thought he was gonna give me a nodachi like he has, but thankfully not, the bloody thing’s taller than him let alone me.” Xyliar couldn’t help but grin at her brother, the warn gesture unusual on her lips.

            “Shall we sneak up to pack some things then?”

            “What… I was thinking you’d go to the boss. I thought he seemed genuine with his promise… I’m sure he’ll keep his word…”

            “I don’t think you understand, Zenith. He lies. Everyone does. Nothing is ever true. Nothing, Zenith. Don’t you ever wonder why I did what I did? He said he’d protect you and keep you close. He didn’t, you were nearly killed!” She said angrily.

            “W-what..?” The boy looked at her with shock. “Why did he promise to protect me?” Xyliar glared at him with irritation, questions, questions, questions.

            “Because you’re only a child, you shouldn’t be doing something like this as a job, it’s not right, you’re so young… I never wanted you to go through what I went through, you’re too young to remember, the lessons, the training, I had it way worse than you, and do you know why? Because I wouldn’t let them do as much to you. And look how you turned out! Best out of your age group, and older! No child should have to go through so much, it’s wrong, that’s why I want to put a stop to this, make up Praelia with those who I think are right. Those who think the same as me!” She hadn’t meant to reveal so much of her plans to him. He would never understand, he just had to be safe, her only family…

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