Experimental love

Keira walker Is a 18 and she loves one direction, especially Niall Horan. She got tickets to there show one night and never came back. That's because she found out the secret behind one direction. They are vampires. Keira couldn't go home because she knew there secret. Niall starts to fall for her. will Keira fall for The Irish cutie? Will Keira let herself fall? what will happen to this Experimental Love?


22. tell me who

Keira's P.O.V.

Ok, someone wants to kill me but I don't know who. I need to find out. I walked out with Niall and Peyton to Niall's car. The doors opened and Casey, Louis, Harry, Daniella, Liam, Katy, Haley, and Zayn jumped out and ran towards me. They all tackled be into a bone crushing hug. I laughed a little and tried to pry them off of me so I could breathe. I noticed that Brooke wasn't here. "Hey Harry, Where's Brooke?" I asked him. He shrugged and grabbed Daniella's hand. They are such a good couple. We all piled back into the van and drove home.

When we reached the house I jumped out of the van and ran to the door. I turned around and burst into laughter. the girls were out of the car and laughing at Liam, Louis, Harry, and Zayn because they were on the ground in a pile. They got up and walked to the door like nothing happened. The laughter died down and we went inside the house.

We went to the living room and we sat on the couched except for me and Peyten.  I was about to walk towards the stairs but someone called out to me. " where are you going Keira? Oh and Peyten do you want to change into something clean?" Niall said. Peyten shook her head."I am going to go change. Peyten can wear something of mine." I said and lead Peyten to my room. I walked straight to the closet and pulled out some jeans and a sweat shirt. I handed Peyten a shirt and some leggings ." Hey Peyten, I'm going to go shower. you can use the one down the hall." I said and left the room. ( http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=96392063 )

After I finished my shower I brushed my wet matted hair and put it in a bun. I walked back down to the living room and saw Toy Story playing. I sat next to Niall and sat on his lap. He kissed my cheek and looked back at the movie. " I am assuming Liam picked the movie." I said and looked at Liam. He turned towards me and nodded smiling. I giggled and looked back at the movie. A couple minutes later Peyten came out and sat on the floor.

The movie is almost over and everyone is asleep except for me. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep.  Not even ten minutes into my sleep I heard a noise in the kitchen. I got off of Niall and walked into the dark kitchen. I changed my eyes to ice blue. I saw a faint shadow and threw an ice ball at is. The figure fell over but got back up and charged at me. The person tackled me into the counter and rammed my back into the edge of the counter. Oh god did this shit hurt. The person repeatedly punched me. The kitchen light turned on and a panicked Haley stared at me. Her eyes moved to the person and her eyes widened in shock. I looked over to the person and what I saw shocked me. It was.....


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