Experimental love

Keira walker Is a 18 and she loves one direction, especially Niall Horan. She got tickets to there show one night and never came back. That's because she found out the secret behind one direction. They are vampires. Keira couldn't go home because she knew there secret. Niall starts to fall for her. will Keira fall for The Irish cutie? Will Keira let herself fall? what will happen to this Experimental Love?


23. are you serious?

Keira's P.O.V.

...its Brooke. Her blue eyes were now red. what's wrong with her? She was pinning me against the counter and she had a knife in her hands.Everyone else ran in here and when they saw Brooke their eyes widened. " Brooke? What are you doing?" Harry piped up. Brooke ignored him and she lifted the knife. I looked at Niall with fear in my eyes. ' I love you' I said to him in my head. He got it and started tearing up. Brooke plunged the knife into my stomach and twisted it. The pain was too much. I felt my eyelids shutting. I looked at Niall one more time and mouthed 'I love You' one more time and let the darkness consume me.

Niall's P.O.V.

I watched Brooke Stab my girlfriend. Brooke pulled out the Knife and let Keira fall to the floor. Keira looked at me with a fearful expression and passed out. Before she passed out she told me she loved me. I have always wanted to tell her but I was never brave enough to do it.

Brooke looked up and her eyes were now blue again. She looked at Keira and screamed. She dropped the Knife and ran up the stairs and Harry ran after her. I ran over to where Keira was on the floor. She wasn't bleeding because well, she doesn't have any blood. She just laid there with a fairly large cut in her stomach. It is a terrible sight to see.

I am pretty sure that Harry can heal her but I am not sure. It depends on what color her eyes are now. I opened one and the color was ice blue. Louis has to heal her. I looked at Louis and he was Comforting Casey. " Louis. come here you can heal her." I said. His eyes lit up a little. He let go of Casey and walked over to Keira and kneeled in front of her. He lifted up her shirt just below her breasts. He put his hand over her wound and started to heal it.

she was fully healed in ten minutes so I pulled her shirt down and picked her up. I brought her up the stairs and into our room. I laid her down on the bed and kissed her forehead.

I walked out of the room and closed the door. I slid down the wall and put my head in between me knees. Why would Brooke want to Kill Keira? Why were Brooke's eyes red? I have a lot of questions but I'm not getting many answers.

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