Blow Me A Goodbye Kiss

Walking around the streets of London with a boy behind your back is kind of cute. Until you realize he's not what he looks like


6. Really though?

Ed' s POV: 

Me and Katherina got to Italy. Me and Harry talked along the way while Kathy slept. Harry and I have been friends a long time ago. He told me the story of Kathy and Liam. They were together for a long time. I love Katherina. She is absolutely amazing. Anyway, we got our bags and ran to the limo that was waiting for us. We went to the hotel and I got our room key. We went to the room and dropped ourselves on the bed. I looked at Katherina. Her smiled made me blush. She giggled and kissed me. Oh boy, we both know where this is going to... I straddled her and undressed her. Beauty before me. We got naked and started doing it roughly. How she likes it. She moaned loudly. I went harder and faster. She gripped the sheets and her facial expression was hot. Eyebrows furrowed down, lip biting, eyes closed. "Ed! Oh Ed yes!" She moaned. I smiled and hit her gspot. She moaned high pitched. We kept fucking for two hours, until we heard the door get knocked. I covered myself, even though I was sweaty, and went to the door. I opened it and it was Taylor Swift. My ex. "Can you keep it down?" She said not looking at me. Then she looked at me and gasped. "What are you doing here?" She asked. "I've got tour here..." I said. She looked at my boner. I closed the door nd went back to Katherina. She was  in the doggie style position. I smiled and fucked her more. She squirted all over the sheets. I came deep inside of her. We lied Down. "Who was at the door?" She asked. "My ex, Taylor. I wonder why she's here..." She shrugged and fell asleep. I thought of thetimes I had with Taylor. I smiled. She was very nice to me. Oh no... I'm starting to like her again. SHIT

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