A summer to remember

It is summer time again at rockport beach. The sand is hot, the water's refreshing, And the atmosphere is lively. Amber lee is looking for a summer romance. When the members of
One direction stumble upon this little oasis, they meet amber along with her best friend Georgia. With friendly pranks,devisation,late night bonfires, and the summer they will never forget, for the best? Or worse? Read to find out ;)!


3. campfire story's

Amber-lees POV

Niall looked so attractive tonight, he was wearing a red pullover, loose tan pants, and white vans. He smelled amazing as well, and the best part was he asked if I wanted to sit beside him! I almost past out on the spot, I only managed to nod my head like fool and say mmmmhmmmm.

I was glad that Liam took attention to Georgia, they looked really good together. But I also saw louis taking a fancy to her aswell. As the night went on we all talked about rockport beach, and where the secret swimming spots are. Then zayne mentioned how they where just coming off there world tour and wanted to escape for a month or two, that fired Georgia to ask the question, "well how long are you guys staying"

Harry answered "until rockport closes at the end I the season so about 8-9 weeks I'm guessing"

Me and Georgia looked at each other with pure joy in our eyes. I was getting a bit tired, and I think niall could tell because what he asked next almost made me faint,he whispered in my ear "if you want to rest your head on my shoulder you can love" I did what niall said. But after only a couple minutes he put his arm around me rubbing his thumb over my arm sending shivers up my spine. I leaned in closer and I couldn't get over the fact at how good he actually smelled. Wow. I broke from my deep trans only to find Liam and Georgia getting up and starting to walk to the trail to get back on the main road, i spoke up and asked where they where going and Georgia said "for a walk to the Pier" I gave her a look indicating not pull any funny business. They just walked away holding hands chuckling, louis frowned, I felt kinda bad for him. I looked over at Harry and I caught him starring at me, I never noticed how handsome he was until then, his hair was nice and curly and chestnut brown like always, and his eyes where mesmerizing. But I liked niall a whole lot more... Or so I thought I did.

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