Little Things

Peyton is a 19 year old girl who lives alone, when she meets a curly haired boy will he change her life forever or will she just move on? Read to find out!

This is my first story and I really hope you like it!!!


10. Little Date

I soon heard someone knock on the door so I got really excited and went to go get it.

i opened the door and saw Harry standing there smiling with flowers in his hand. 

"Hi" I said "would you like to come in?"

"I would love to." He answered.

"here you go love." He said handing me the flowers.

"thank you so much! There beautiful!" I said

" just like you." Harry said.

I blushed

" like I said before, it's really cute how you blush...." He said smiling

" well I will be right back I am going to go put these flowers in some water..." I said

"ok" he said

when I came back he was holding out his arm

"ready to go?" He asked

"yes I am" I said while taking his arm 

     ~skip car ride~ because I'm lazy like that 

we finally arrived at a really nice restruant when we got there it was surprisingly not that busy.

 The waitress showed us where we are sitting and we sat down and she gave us menu's. 

we ordered and then we started to talk.

 "You look stunning..." Harry said

"thanks, you don't look to bad yourself!" I said laughing

    ~ skip rest of dinner~ hahaha

when dinner was over we decided to go on a walk. 

"I am having really fun with you tonight Harry." I said.

" Me too."

"it's just weird because I am a HUGE fan of One Direction and next thing you know I'm sitting here with you." I said.

" You like One Direction?" He asked

" Love it." I said

" Sterling and I actually have tickets on my birthday!" I said also

"REALLY! Do you have backstage passes?" He asked

"no." I answered 

"well you do now!" He said

"YAY!" I said laughing

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