Living with one direction

An 11 year old girll named Hollis attended a one direction concert with her friend Peyton. There was a raffle contest for publicity and experience for the band how to care for a child. Hollis won this raffle. She is going to be living with one direction for one month.


15. Photo shoot

Today, today everyone I WENT TO MY FIRST PHOTO SHOOT. It was so fun. I even posed with Dusty , Harry's cat. One picture was with all of the boys sitting in chairs, white background, and me behind them,in the middle with my arms around Zayne and Louis. Second pic: Harry and Liam are holding pieces of my hair and using it as mustaches. Third pic: Zayne and Niall are kissing my cheeks. Fourth pic: me holding Dusty the cat...yeah. Fifth pic: the guys are standing in a row and there each holding me. 



  Once we got home we changed into comfortable clothes and watched the X-factor. "Ahhh, memories." Said Liam. I laughed. "Hey Hollis, can you sing?" Harry asked. My cheeks got hot at this point. " uh yeah I guess" I say. "Sing" Louis says cheerfully. "Yeah sing" says Zayne. I sigh heavily. And start singing royals by lorde.

I've never seen a diamond  in the flesh 

pick cut my teeth on wedding rings, in the movies 

and I'm not proud of my address in this torn up town 

no post code envy 

and every songs like gold teeth, grey goose, trippen in the bathroom 

blood staind ball gowns, trashin a hotel room we don't car we're drivin Cadillacs in our dreams 

but everybody's like crystal, maniac, diamonds on your time piece, jet planes, islands, tigers on a gold lleashes don't care, we are caught up in your love affair and we'll never be royals 

it don't run in our blood, that kind of lux just ain't for us we crave a different kind of buzz,

let me be your ruler you can call me queen bee and baby I'll rule 

let me live that fantasy 

 "wow I didn't know you could sing" said Harry. "Thanks, I've never sang in front of anyone...ever.

"really your really good" said Zayne,

 "You should try out for the x-factor!" Said Niall.

"uhh, no, I'm way to scared and I don't want to sing for a carrier of anything" I say 

"fine" says Liam "your missing ouuuuttt" 

i made a straight face at Liam.

I'm way too nervous to do anything like they did.

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