One Direction Dolls

When Jade Ramona was little she had 5 favorite dolls. they were all boys. she named them Harry, Louis, Niall, Liam, and Zayn. She gave them all personalitys too. As she grew older she still kept the dolls. By her 18th birthday she had no friends. So she wished for the dolls to come to life to be her friends. What happends when her wish comes true?


7. Night with the boys

Jade's POV
i drove home from my date with Ed. the whole time i was freaking out inside. i was on a date with Ed sheeran, who wouldn't freak out. so i drove home and i parked in the parking lot. i was about to use the elavator but appearently it was broken. so i took the stairs. as i walk up the stairs i replay my date with Ed. what? is that weird? after i got up to the top of the steps i walked into my flat. as soon as i opened the door i saw 5 boys sitting there.

"Guys. what are you doing here?" i ask as i lock the door behind me.

"didn't anyone tell you? we're all having a night of fun together." Lou says.

"no one told me that i was just on a date with THE Ed Sheeran." i say.

"okay we get it you were on a date with Ed Sheeran big deal." niall says.

"Alright.." i say shyly.

"Jade, i'm sorry.." niall says.

"i'm going to get my Pj's on like you guys.." i say shyly. i run into my bedroom and i close the door behind me.,

why did Niall snap at me? i only brought up the date one time. i just brushed itoff and got into my PJs. i took off my makeup and i put my hair into a pony tail. i walk back into the living rom were the boys are.

"Alright. what are going to do?" i ask.

"well, let's watch a movie first." harry says.

"okay what movie?" i ask.

"toy story liam says.

"NO. let's watch the movie about the master CARROT!" lou says.

"is that even a moview/" zayn asks.

"sure it is." lou says.

"how about... paranormal activity." harry says.

"no i HATE scary movies." i say.

"i will protect you." harry says with a wink.

niall and liam shoot harry dirty looks.

"no litterly, this isn't like the movie were you put your arm around the girl and she's fine. i will scream at night." i say.

"please can we watch it?" harry asks.

"fine but i'm not sitting with you." i say with a smile.

harry's smile dissapears and liam and niall laugh.

"who are you going to sit with then?" Harry asks.

"maybe i'lll sit with... ZAYN!" i say sitting on zayns lap.

liam and niall look down.

"woah!" zayn says.

"what do you not wan me to sit with you?" i say.

"no just-"

"fine i'll sit with liam and niall then." i say.

i sit in between liam and niall.

"LETS START THE MOVIE!" zayn says.

"YEAH YEAH!" lou says copying the pigs from shrek.

they start the movie.

"this isn't so ba- WOAH DUDE IS THAT SUPOSTO BE BLOOD?" i say.

everyone laughs.

-the end of the movie.-

"i think i'm scarred for life." i say.

"Jade your pale." zayn says.

"HARRY THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT!" lou jokingly screams.

"how is my fault lou bear?" harry says.

"okay i'm not staying around for their little romance." i say as i get up.

"were are you going?" niall asks.

"anywere but here!" i say jokingly.

"wanna go to my flat?" Liam offers.

"sure." i say.

"i'll come too." niall says as he stands up.

"me too." zayn says.

"alright.." liam says.

we all walk to liam's flat.

"what do you wanna do?" liam says.

"how about.." i start to say.

"how about truth or dare?" zayn says.

"sure." we all agree.

"i'll go first." zayn says.

"wow without lou playing we might be able  to play withpout doing something gross." i say laughing.

"Niall truth or dare?" zayn asks.

"truth." niall says.

"your no fun. anyways, um, is it true that... your a real blonde?" zayn says.

"yes." niall says.

(Okay people, i know niall's not a real blonde but in this story he is okay?)

"Jade, truth or dare?" Niall says.

"dare." i say with a smile.

"i dare you to kiss the most good looking person in this room." niall says.

"i'm sorry but i can't kiss myself." i say jokingly.

"jade." niall says.

"do i have to?" i say.

"what do you not want to kiss one of us?" zayn says.

"no it's just- awkward." i say.

"why?" niall says.

"because i don't want my first kiss to be in truth or dare okay?" i say.

"i'm sorry Jade i didn;t know." niall says.

"i'm going back home i'm tired." i say.

"jade-" niall says.

"niall it's not what you said, i really am tired." i say.

i walk out of liam's flat.

"well that went well." i could hear zayn joke.

i roll my eyes with a smile and i walk into my flat. i kick harry and lou out and i get into my bed. i really don't want to go to sleep because i will most likely have nightmares.

oh well, if i do it's harry's fault for making me watch it.


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