Not just a Holiday

Jess, Flo and Amy, three best friends and all one direction crazy! Then they all get invited to stay with Jessie's step-brother Louis for 6 weeks in the summer holidays who is a member of the biggest boy band ever One direction, what will happen when they all go on one crazy adventure together, will Jess Flo and Amy start to like 3 members of the band and what will happen next ?


2. Meeting the Boys

Chapter Two
“Bye Mum! Bye Dad! See you in three weeks!” I shouted, leaning out of the car window as we pulled away from the drive and onto the high street.
“See you soon!” they called after us
“This is it! Off we go!” Amy squealed, causing the rest of us to join in with excitement. I was in the front driving and Jessie and Amy were in the back. Just a few minutes into the journey and Jessie had already put on music. Loud music. And what did she put on, you might be asking? Musicals. Honestly, she was theatre obsessed! We let her have three cheesy songs from a musical I couldn’t put my finger on before Amy took over for the rest of the journey. We were half of the way there and one direction was playing too loud whilst we sang along.
If you don’t to want to
Take it slow!
And you just want to
Take me home!
Baby say yeeeaaah!
And let me kiss you!”
We screamed down the motorway (we were teen girls, what do you expect?).
This continued for about another 15 minutes, before we got sore throats and decided to change the album to some slightly calmer Ed Sheeran. We all chilled out a bit, even though we were still crazily excited!
Amy’s POV
When we arrived at the pretty cottage in scenic Cornwall the boys were waiting outside, all lined up. It was as if the queen was coming to visit, rather than us! We pulled up into the drive to the little whitewashed cottage, with an impeccable rose garden, little window boxes with geraniums, a green front door with an embellished knocker and French windows covering the front. It was quite a big cottage, big enough for the eight of us, but not too big, it was all in the right proportion. These three weeks was going to be amazing! Niall opened the door and I was immediately caught off guard by his bright blue eyes, they were shocking!
"Hello Babe” he smiled down at me.
Hi Niall” I stammered, as calmly as I could, but I felt my heart beat faster and faster. He helped me out of the car and went to open the boot of the car to get the cases. I saw what he was doing and walked over to stop him.
“Oh, don’t worry. I can do that”, I protested but he insisted.
“I’ve got it love, don’t stress” when he called me ‘love’ I couldn’t help but blush. This always seems to happen. Whenever I speak to a cute boy the red factor comes to town!
Niall’s POV
As she saw me picking up her suitcase, with little ducks on it she walked over and tried to reach for it, but I held onto it.
“Oh, don’t worry. I can do that” she protested
“I’ve got it love, don’t stress” she was trying to hide her face, but I saw her blush.
I love it when a girl blushes, especially when they’re as pretty as her. She had white-blonde hair, her fringe held back with a grip, and was wearing a red tank top with cute little white denim shorts and red Vans. I couldn’t help but notice that she had amazing legs. ‘I should probably stop staring’ I thought to myself, ‘besides, she probably has a boyfriend’.


Jessica's  POV: 
"Hey Zayn! It's so good to see you again! What's it been, a year?" I ran up to him, enveloping him in a massive bear hug.
"Yeah, I think it might be. It's just we've been so busy with touring the USA. I never got any time to catch up with all my old buddies!"
"We'll it's good to see you anyway!" I grinned
"You too love" He winked at me as I walked into the house after him.
The boys all took our luggage and wouldn't let us carry anything, which was so sweet of of them, they're all such gentlemen!  We all sat down on the sofa in the cosy living room whilst the boys took our bags upstairs. 
"Argh! Niall is even cuter in person!" squealed Amy. 
"Hello? Have you seen Harry?" Flo pointed out sarcastically. I wasn't going to admit it to them, but I thought Liam beat them both. He was wearing blue denim jeans with dark blue vans, and a navy and white striped top. He looked gorgeous. There was no other way to describe him.
"Hey Jessie? What do you think about Liam?" They both asked me, leaning forward in their seats even though they most likely already guessed the answer to the question. They knew me too well. 
"I've only just met him properly. Give me some space!" I shoved the both of them back down into their seats and they landed on the love seat opposite, their arms and legs tangled and their blonde hair fusing together to look like one
"But I have to admit" I continued, watching them try and get up without sitting on each other's faces, "he does look pretty fit in that t-shirt"
Just then I heard the living room door open behind me. It was the guys, coming back downstairs. Shit. I didn't realize they were there!
"Who's fit?" Liam asked with a cheeky smile on his face, looking me straight in the eye. I tried to look away, but couldn't help smiling.
"Oh no one, don't worry" Flo stepped in quickly, saving the day.
"I bet it's me" Niall said, winking. Which just made Amy's smile even wider. I could see her out of the corner of my eye. She was in smitten already! I just don't want her to get her heart broken. The thing is, she gets easily attached to things. For example, once when I got her a rubber duck for a joke, she ended up bringing  it to school with her everyday for 6 months. She loves ducks, that girl. It's just one of her little quirks.  Sometimes I swear she's turning into one!

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