Not just a Holiday

Jess, Flo and Amy, three best friends and all one direction crazy! Then they all get invited to stay with Jessie's step-brother Louis for 6 weeks in the summer holidays who is a member of the biggest boy band ever One direction, what will happen when they all go on one crazy adventure together, will Jess Flo and Amy start to like 3 members of the band and what will happen next ?


1. Getting Ready

At last all our GCSE exams were over! All that studying finally paid off, I was so happy! Now we were off on study leave (not much studying going on though!), I and my best friends, Flo and Amy, were going to stay with my step-brother Louis and the rest of his band mates. Also known as the one and only One Direction! When Lou told us we could stay, we just fan-girled for like an hour in my room!

All three of us are fans. Always have been, just for the record. I mean, what’s not to love? Plus they’re total hotties! I personally, have a bit of a crush on Liam, Amy likes Niall and although it’s ‘kind of cliché’, according to her, Flo fancies Harry! To be able to meet them in person is amazing, we couldn’t wait!

I was nearly finishing packing when my phone rang; it was Flo, probably telling me what to wear to ‘impress’ Liam. As if. He’s only in the most famous boy band in the world! What would he see in me anyway? I’m just another fan from Chieveley, hardly interesting!

“Took you long enough to answer! Are you nearly finished?” said Flo as I picked up the phone. God! She sounded so hyper! Well, then again she always is.

“Well I was but then you rang me, what is it this time?” I replied with a hint of sarcasm in my voice. It was the sixth time she’d called me in the last hour.

“Which bikini shall I take? The one with polka dots, or the one with stripes?” God. It was just like her to get all fussy!

“Flo. Listen to me”, I interrupted her endless rant about bikinis and after a couple of seconds there was silence coming from the other end of the line.

“Florence, we are going to Cornwall. Do you really think we will be going swimming? Hello? It’s England Babe!”

“You never know! There may be an indoor pool! Plus, I want to look good in front of Harry”

“Ok then, let’s see … I think polka dots. But Honey, whatever you wear will look good on you, especially with your hair”

Florence’s hair was definitely one of her best features; it was long, almost down to her waist with natural light blonde highlights. She had a round face and the cutest chubby cheeks ever! He figure was gorgeous, not fat and not thin, exactly in the middle. Also, she was the most amazing writer; she was working on a book at the moment. She let me read some and I have to say I’m quite impressed! Although she doesn’t believe me or Amy when we tell her, she is really beautiful, inside and out. Kind and caring, funny and soft-hearted. We just need her to see!

“Ok, thanks Babe. See you later” she said

“Bye Flo” I hung up and set my phone down on the bed.

Finally, I could get packing. The thought of this trip made giggle hysterically!








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