Not just a Holiday

Jess, Flo and Amy, three best friends and all one direction crazy! Then they all get invited to stay with Jessie's step-brother Louis for 6 weeks in the summer holidays who is a member of the biggest boy band ever One direction, what will happen when they all go on one crazy adventure together, will Jess Flo and Amy start to like 3 members of the band and what will happen next ?


5. Eavesdropping

I slowly opened my eyesup, not entirely sure where I was for a short matter of time before my eyes adjusted to the light and I came to the conclusion I was back in my bed at the cottage. The other girls were fast asleep still, Flo sleeping, her soft blonde hair covering her face and Amy with her stuffed duck 'Maurice', her arms tucked under the duvet so that just her cute little head was popping up from underneath, White blonde tendrils of hair fanning out on the pillow. Around a minute passed, just lying there, gazing about the room, slightly bored. I went back to analysing last night. All of us around the campfire, laughing, singing and getting to know eachother. The other girls got along really well with their 'celebrity crushes'. Amy and Niall were so cute, laughing together. Niall kept cracking jokes throughout the evening, making her laugh hysterically, just to see her happy. Whenever she burst out in fits of giggles he would look her in the eye and smile. Harry and Flo got along really great aswell, getting lost in conversations about their futures and what they wanted to do with thier life. Harry seemed genuinely interested in what Flo had to say. Whenever she rambled on, as she tended to do, he would stare at her with this intent look in his eyes that none of us could quite pinpoint. Liam and I were like two peas in a pod! Vy the end of the night he had his arm around me and I leant into his chest, feeling completely safe. Throughout the time we were sat he kept finding excuses to kiss the crown of my head or cuddle me closer, giving me butterflies unlike I'd ever had with previous boys. It was perfect. Oh no, I think I'm falling for Liam Payne. We finally came out of our own little worlds chatted to the others for hours about the boys' career, school, our families, interests. It was so nice to see them out of the limelight. We all got on so well and talked well into the early hours of the morning, almost completely forgetting about time.
"Hey guys, you up ?" I asked, leaning over my bed and craning my neck to see if the two blondes in the other single beds were at all stirring from the deep sleep they were both in. In reply to my question all I recieved were two incredibly loud snores. 
"Ok, I take that as a no!" I  giggled as I leaned over to my bedside table to check the time on my phone. 9:40 a.m,  the boys wouldn't have been up. I stuffed my hair up into a messy bun, trying to control it and put on my slippers, trudging downstairs, humming absenmindedly to myself. For this early, I was in a surprisingly good mood, maybe it was Liam...
 Just as I was about to enter the kitchen I heard a voice, Liam's. I smiled, wanting his to be the first face I saw that morning and made for the kitchen, before stopping suddenly as I heard the words coming from his mouth
"Yes, yes I will. No! Don't worry, you're still my number one girl! Nobody compares to you, babe!" I froze as I heard the words, a lump rising in my throat. I couldn't face going into the kitchen, and somehow my feet had glues themselves to the ground, so I had no choice but to stand and listen. 
"I know, I love you too! No! Love you even more!" he laughed, "okay, well I'll see you when I get back from Cornwall. Yes, I'll tell the guys you said hey. Okay, bye!". I heard him exhale happily as he hung up the phone. It was at that point I could take no more. Tears spilling over my cheeks, I bolted up the stairs as fast and as noisily as my slippers could carry me, making sure he would know that I heard him. I reached the top of the stairs just as the kitchen door opened, and he called my name as if nothing had happened. This boy, why did he mess with my emotions so much? 

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